Educate, Inform, Engage:    With Appreciation Seventeen semesters ago EmpowerUOhio.org held its first class.  EmpowerUOhio.org  owes its existence to the sacrifice and commitment of literally thousands of volunteers,  sponsors and individuals who have both presented and have attended classes.  By the effort of our supporters, hundreds of topics have received the attention they deserve. … [Read more…]

Opposing View of Convention of States

In my opinion and in the opinion of many others who are knowledgeable on this issue (the late Phyllis Schlafly especially fought against this) a COS puts our precious Constitution into the hands of unknown and UN-ELECTED delegates. The often made comments made by the COS organization is that the “states are in control.” If … [Read more…]

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Last Night EmpowerU Met to discuss the Library Levy and also Net Neutrality.   The Net Neutrality class was a chance to look at the pros and cons of net neutrality and determine what the group thought about the issue. EmpowerU clearly says “No” to Net Neutrality with over 75% of the group voting … [Read more…]

Appalachian Dawn

Last night (March 15) EmpowerU watched the Movie Appalachian Dawn.  The film discusses the town of Manchester, Kentucky in Clay County and lists the level of corruption and drug use in the area which is unparralled to none.   Appalachian Dawn brings up the subject  of Faith Injecting itself in Society and the movie paints a … [Read more…]

Saul Alinsky–Poll on American Democracy!

Last night at the lecture on Saul Alinsky the thesis Dan presented was from a quote William F. Buckley made in 1966.    In 1966 Buckley, who invited Alinsky to be his guest on his show Firing Line, made the comment:    “It is too much to argue that American democracy is being altered by … [Read more…]

Rosalie Pietras talks about Citizenfour

What I got out of this documentary is that ALL Americans, no matter their political point of view, need to come together to fight the very real threat to an individual’s right to privacy as guaranteed by our US Constitution. It is in all our best interest. Depending on who is in charge, no one … [Read more…]


About Citizenfour In November 2014 I traveled to South Carolina to work on a villa rehab project over 4 days. It was cold and I alone and bored out of my mind so I looked at the list of movies playing. At a small independent movie theater that I’d never been to before I read … [Read more…]

Counting down the 100 Reds All-Stars

Joel M. Beall, jbeall@enquirer.com 6:12 p.m. EDT March 28, 2015 One hundred days separate Major League Baseball’s Opening Day to the return of the All-Star Game to the Queen City. And wouldn’t you know it, there have been 100 players that have represented the Cincinnati Reds at the Midsummer Classic. Well, technically 101 if you … [Read more…]