Rosalie Pietras talks about Citizenfour

What I got out of this documentary is that ALL Americans, no matter their political point of view, need to come together to fight the very real threat to an individual’s right to privacy as guaranteed by our US Constitution. It is in all our best interest. Depending on who is in charge, no one is safe. It is an issue we all can stand behind.

Snowden knew that the truth had to come out. He also know that what he would be in violation of Federal law if he did so. I don’t know if he is a hero or a coward. A true hero does the right thing regardless of the consequences. It seems paradoxical that he would flee to China and then, Russia to seek asylum when the are two of the worst offenders of human rights on the planet.

However, I am happy that the truth came out. Now we need to elect leaders that respect the Constitution,
and will reign in on the NSA.