Thinking Differently

January 11, 2021

Happy New Year to You,

The events of the past week are some of the most concerning in my life.   What happened at the Capital Building was terrible.   Even more concerning to me is the erosion of our Free Speech Rights by Big Tech–and their clear sign of their monopolistic power.   Apple, Amazon, Google, Twitter and Facebook have shown their true colors and we can only hope for changes to come in the near future.

For the last 15 years I’ve displayed an image outside of my office to try and alter my mindset on a daily basis.   It is the Think Different image from Apple that came out in 1997.   Such a GREAT company in the beginning, such an Empowering mission.  I am showing you this picture to you to allow you to reflect and remember.   Even if Apple has changed it’s core values for the worse, I encourage you to “Think Different” every day and go out and do great things!   Until things do change, I’ve decided to re-hang the picture outside of the office upside down as that it is truly an indication of what is going on now.

EmpowerU previewed these issues for you in our class on November 19, when we had fourteen speakers in to talk about FREEDOM OF SPEECH.   If you didn’t attend that class, which included 4 Congressman, I encourage you to watch a replay on   Until we, as citizens,  come up with a response to these Big Tech Barons I encourage you to do the following:

A.   Be nice to people, your neighbors, your friends, people you don’t know.   Do something special for someone–pay it forward!

B.   Continue to say what is on your mind.   Diversity of thinking is a foundation for improvement in America.   Your help is needed!

C.   Don’t send money to, or patronize groups that are working against you and your core beliefs.

D.  Stay in the game, stay engaged.   What’s going on now is un-American.

Regards to you,

Daniel P. Regenold, Managing Board Member

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