CRT “Do-Gooders” at Turpin High School Just Can’t Help Themselves is an Initiative of

One exercise, entitled in the outline as “Step to the Line”, is actually a CRT exercise originally given the title “The Privilege Walk”

April 1, 2022
Last summer, we rallied to help expose the indoctrination of our children into the divisive and racist concept known as Critical Race Theory (CRT). Several of you attended numerous rallies at meetings of boards of education, sent letters or emails, etc., to promote the belief that this country is one of opportunity for all and that all people should be judged on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. 

Early in our effort, we helped support multiple large rallies in the Forest Hills School District in eastern Hamilton County where the efforts to bring CRT were well underway. Thankfully, in the November election, 4 new members were elected to the school board in Forest Hills who indicated a commitment to fighting against CRT in the schools and, instead, to promote a Return to the Basics. 

However, the election of the 4 new board members did not eliminate CRT in the Forest Hills School District. It has come to light that Turpin High School, one of two high schools in the district, has planned a Racial Diversity Awareness Day during the school day where taxpayer-funded teachers and staff would be directly involved in implementing CRT to our children.

Racial Diversity Awareness Day at Turpin High School was originally scheduled for March 31 but was temporarily “postponed”. Those driving the Marxist-based racial agenda of CRT are pushing even more strongly to get Racial Diversity Awareness Day at Turpin High School rescheduled as soon as possible before their indoctrination of our children through this event can be exposed.

What is Racial Diversity Awareness Day at Turpin High School? Links to the program outline and associated information are below– look at the activities, look at the videos being presented, look at the one-sided agenda driving presenters. And review the videos being presented at part of this CRT program at Turpin High School: – Race & Reality in America / – The Myth of Race, Debunked in 3 mins / – Heineken Worlds Apart Open Your World / – A Conversation About Growing up Black.

The parental permission slip falsely declares the “entire day is devoted to increasing understanding and awareness of the rich ethnic make-up of our nation.” But, if you look at what is going to happen at Turpin High School, it has nothing to do with the “rich ethnic make-up of our nation” but, instead, is simply a repackaging of CRT. One exercise, entitled in the outline as “Step to the Line”, is actually a CRT exercise originally given the title “The Privilege Walk”.  The deceit being perpetrated on parents and the community is typical of those who constantly try to rebrand CRT in an effort to hide the their true agenda.

As mentioned, Racial Diversity Awareness Day at Turpin High School was temporarily “postponed”. But those who constantly lied last year and declared “we don’t have CRT in Forest Hills” are, nonetheless, working hard to ensure this implementation of CRT continues unabated and using taxpayer dollars. They are presently trying to get Racial Diversity Awareness Day at Turpin High School rescheduled as soon as possible.

Now is the time for action. Review the materials. Spread the word of this active implementation of CRT in our public school and with taxpayer dollars. And call or write to the pertinent public officials — it doesn’t matter if you live in the Forest Hills School District or not, you are commitment to the principles which made America great and recognize the need to stand up against divisive and racist governmental actions wherever they may be occurring.
Links and Attachments to Turpin Program

Outline:Diversity Day 2022 Outline–Click Here

Me Map–Click Here

Diversity Event Spring 2022 Powerpoint–Click Here

Diversity Event Permission Form–Click Here

Letter From Turpin–Click Here

Email contact information:

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost–Click Here

Forest Hills School District Superintendent Scot Prebles: 

Forest Hills School District School Board Members: 

Turpin High School Principal David Spencer: 

hese are the elected officials at a State House, Senate, and Governor level that refuse to take action or provide parents enforcement against Divisive Educational Content and CRT being presented in our public schools.
Contact Ohio Governor Mike DeWine–Click Here

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