Appalachian Dawn

Last night (March 15) EmpowerU watched the Movie Appalachian Dawn.  The film discusses the town of Manchester, Kentucky in Clay County and lists the level of corruption and drug use in the area which is unparralled to none.   Appalachian Dawn brings up the subject  of Faith Injecting itself in Society and the movie paints a picture that God’s involvement in the Community made a big difference in the community’s transformation.   At the end of the movie the City made a miraculous recovery and wildlife returned and helped restore the area–elk, black bear, the water restored itself to a new level of freshness (this was almost at a miracle level). 

At the end of the movie attendees were asked if they think God made a difference in Manchester and here is what they said:

5    People said God made the difference by himself.

16  People said God & The People of Manchester made the difference.

0    People said The People of Manchester on their own made the difference.

2     People said neither God or The People of Manchester made the difference.

People were also asked if Faith injecting itself into society is a good thing?   20 People replied yes with no one replaying no.

Here are a few comments made:

“1962 Supreme Court ruling took God out of schools.  We have sewn and now the crop is in.  All Bad!”

“We need to work with God.  Prayer, then action is the community.  The People of Manchester are the instruments of God.”

“Faith is a very natural thing.”

“Inspiring Movie–thank you”

“Sometimes like an alcoholic, people need to hit rock bottom.”

“Of course, without a doubt this was God’s work.”

“God heals, however people have to take the first step of faith.”

“God was always in Manchester.   People turned their back on him.”

“The people were open to God changing the situation in Manchester.”

“Faith is a powerful thing and it would behoove all of us to have more of it.”

“I have long believed that when pastors and churches work together instead of holding court in seperate camps that things can be changed.   God could have done this himself–but he works through people.   He can use willing obedient people!”

“Only when people come to the end of their own solutions & humble themselves before God can they open their eyes and hearts to hope & power.”

“People are the tools of God because they finely heard and the people started working together.”

“With so many areas of the Country in trouble (40% Child Poverty in the City of Cincinnati), do these areas need to look to God to help solve their problems?”