Educate, Inform, Engage:    With Appreciation

Seventeen semesters ago held its first class.  owes its existence to the sacrifice and commitment of literally thousands of volunteers,  sponsors and individuals who have both presented and have attended classes.  By the effort of our supporters, hundreds of topics have received the attention they deserve.

One measure of the success of is the consistent number of people who attend classes either physically or through the ‘virtual’ connection.  Another measure of success is the influence your classes have on the broader world.

Last September, Mr. Jim Rumford, author of Tobacco, Trusts and Trump-How America’s Forgotten War Created Big Government presented on the “Tobacco Wars” of the late 1860’s.  According to a letter recently received from Mr. Rumford’s daughter, Mr. Rumford has appeared on 700 WLW to discuss his book and will soon be meeting with television producers in New York.  She expressed her gratitude for  for providing Mr. Rumford with one of his first speaking engagements.

During March, 2019 hosted Mr. Michael Maharrey of the national Tenth Amendment Center to discuss recent calls to do away with the Electoral College.  Mr. Maharrey provided an excellent constitutional overview before evaluating the consequences of abolishing the Electoral College.  The Tenth Amendment Center recently recommend, in an email to their national membership, the archived video of Maharrey’s presentation on the Electoral College

These are but two examples of the way classes have changed the debate. wishes to express our gratitude to our volunteers, sponsors and presenters.  We especially want to thank those who attend our classes. Together you give attention to important ideas and concepts and by doing so, influence the world around us.