There’s Just So Much Pork

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Some of the most ridiculous spending by our government as reported by Bill Hoffmann in Newsmax.  $6.9 million for smart toilets (cameras inside),  $478,188 to make transgender monkeys (your guess why), $465,339 study of gambling (really), $550,000 horror show using live cats (we funded an institute in Russia for this one), $2 million in Covid aid to phony farms (yep, PPP loans for non-existent farms), $300,000 to find out if recycling is manly (all about perception), $75,000 to blow lizards through the air (just to find out if they can hang onto a tree during a hurricane), $45,000 for spotting cows from space (are they cows or something else), $14 million in Hollywood handouts (PPP loans for star owned wealthy companies), and $1490 for elephant poop (you figure this one out). 

We all know that every time there is a Bill passed in Washington there is always money allocated for a number of things that have nothing to do with the Bill.   I always thought these so called extras were favorites of a particular politician, you know an attempt to keep their constituents happy!  Do you think the elected official that represents you would admit if one of the above mentioned ‘porks’ was their idea?  Maybe I’m wrong and these things don’t come about as the result of a Bill passage.   Maybe you just have to fill out the right form and send it in to the right government official convincing him/her that you need money to study why your golf game never improves.  After all if you could find the solution that would improve your fellow golfers’ game, reduce their stress level, and significantly improve their endorphins, not to mention the many broken clubs you could save from the landfill, who wouldn’t want their tax money to be used on that study?  You get my point, its’ ridiculous pork.

Now you know where some of the ‘pork’ is, and yes I’m venting that mine and your taxes are being squandered while you and I have to pinch our pennies.  It’s been going on for years, how do we stop it?

Betty Overstreet