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Become a part of the movement for Educational Freedom in Ohio. Host a Backpack Bill Party.

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, January 13, 2022

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Required Reading:   Vivek Ramaswamy –Slow the Spread?  Speeding it May Be Safer

Required Reading:   Curriculum Transparency Bill

Ohio State Representatives Marilyn John (R-Richland County) and Riordan McClain (R-Upper Sandusky) have officially introduced House Bill 290, better known as the Backpack Bill.   The Backpack Bill will extend school choice to all students throughout Ohio, expanding their educational opportunities.  The General Assembly recently passed a robust school funding overhaul, which takes strides toward identifying the costs associated with the individual education of each child.  In addition to identifying the costs of a quality education, we should ensure tax dollars are being used to improve outcomes for Ohio’s children.   The “Backpack Bill” is one initiative that will give parents freedom in educating their children.   Learn about this important possibility for Ohio parents and students.   

Be prepared to give your child their best Future.   Make sure that Ohio funds students, not bureaucracy.   Find out about Parental Rights and Alternative Childhood Education.  Learn the facts about Ohio’s childhood Education system.  Discover taxpayer-funded scholarships that follow your student wherever they go.  Protect your child or grandchild from Public School indoctrination.

Will you help?   It is time to provide choice for all parents and students about what is best for them individually.  We are asking you to join us at EmpowerU tonight to become a part of the movement for Educational Freedom in Ohio by hosting a Backpack Bill Party.   Troy McIntosh, Executive Director of Center for Christian Virtue’s Ohio Christian Education Network (OCEN), who helped write and craft the Backpack Bill will join us tonight and teach us how we can each sponsor a party with 10 of our friends to help move the initiative forward.    It’s easy and you will walk away from the class with all the tools necessary to be successful.    Not sure if you want to sponsor a party?   Come anyway and learn.   We need your help to get make this opportunity available to all students in Ohio.  Gather Your Friends, Let Your Legislators Know: Pass the Backpack Bill!


Speaker Bio:

Troy McIntosh is Director of CCV’s Ohio Christian Education Network (OCEN). Troy comes to OCEN after serving 27 years in Christian education as a teacher, principal and, for the last eight years, as head of school at Worthington Christian School in Worthington, Ohio. Prior to his time in education, he worked in the Ohio House of Representatives in the Legislative Services Commission Fellowship program.

 Troy’s time at Worthington Christian, he served the broader Christian school community as an Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) Regional Council Member and Accreditation Commission Member, accreditation team chairperson, and conference presenter. For the last 15 y

ears, he has held various roles with the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA), including President of the Central District Athletic Board and Vice President of the OHSAA Board of Directors.

Troy is a graduate of Wheaton College (B.A. Economics) and The Ohio State University (M.Ed. Education) and is a Colson Fellow with the Colson Center for Christian Worldview. He and his wife Julie live in Westerville, Ohio and have three grown daughters.


Third Eye believes in helping everyone open their “minds eye” to a world of new possibilities…..one pint at a time. Join us for a fun evening at the brewery for our ending event!

Third Eye Brewery
11276 Chester Rd.
Sharonville, Ohio 45246
Thursday, November 18, 2021

Third Eye features a large open taproom and lots of outdoor space including a covered patio with an upper deck.  A wide range of beers and other hand crafted beverages to meet a variety of tastes – even for non-beer drinkers!   Also offered is a limited selection of wine and spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, and a full kitchen. 

For a cost of $12 we will tour the brewery and see firsthand how craft beer is made.  We will sample four different craft beers, while one of Third Eye’s brewers describes how each flavor is made.  EmpowerU will provide appetizers.  Sign up early, class is limited to 50, payment can be made on the registration page.

Company’s Bio:

Third Eye Brewing Company.  How it got to this point is just as mind-bending as some of their experimental beer creations. The idea had been conceptualized for over 20 years, but once the official paperwork was submitted in 2017, the ingredients needed for a successful venture seemed to slowly blend like a fresh batch in one of Third Eye’s fermenters. Third Eye first welcomed guests on June 17, 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic.  While many businesses were forced to close their doors due to Covid-19,

Third Eye opened theirs and people haven’t stopped walking through since.   The first 13 months couldn’t have gone much better for Third Eye, a good omen for the first piece of the puzzle in the revitalization of Sharonville’s once buzzing Northern Lights district.  The Third Eye Family are having a heck of a time living out the mantra that can be found all over the brewery: live life, do good, and drink beer.







Karen Cartier Talks About Made In the U.S.A. Take 20: Governor Candidate Joe Blystone Visits EmpowerU!

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, November 16, 2021

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Join this class as Karen Cartier talks about products intentionally made not to last. Be aware of products that are made ‘not to last’ including automotive, newer construction materials, electronics and what is ending up in our landfills.  Instead of throwing them away, learn the value of keeping some of your appliances longer and getting them repaired (or fixing them yourself – you may be surprised).  Stay aware of the long-term impact of our global “throw away society” and do your part to fight back as you’re able.  Think before you buy!   This class supports Made in America.

Joe Blystone will be with us from 7:05-7:30 PM.   He cares passionately about Ohio’s future. Joe built the path to his American Dream – and is dedicated to make sure every Ohioan can too. He is going above and beyond to take the next step in protecting the American Dream in Ohio. Joe believes our freedoms are at stake and now is the time we take them back. He wants to restore the freedoms our overreaching government has taken away. Joe promises to make Ohio a more affordable state to live in and friendly to large and small businesses! Joe knows he is the right leader for Ohio and will put Ohioans first every day. He knows what Ohioans truly want and need. Ohio will be revitalized, and Joe Blystone will get it done. The future of Ohio depends on the strength of Ohioans!! It is time to strengthen Ohio. It is time to put conservative values back in the people’s house!

Speaker Bios :

Karen Cartier: Karen is an avid reader, writer, learner, wife, and mother of two.  She has worked in IT as a technical writer for over 30 years and is currently working full-time in IT.  Outside of her paying job, she serves as an officer in Toastmasters International as well as a volunteer Community Educator for the Alzheimer’s Association.



Joe Blystone is a true Ohio native, born in East Liverpool, Ohio. He is happily married to Jane Blystone. They’ve been blessed with 3 children; Joe has one son, and Jane has two sons. They brought their families together in 2010. Family, faith, and freedom have always been foundational to the Blystone family.

Joe founded the Blystone Farm in 2004 and his nonprofit, Blystone Agricultural Community, Inc. in 2019. For more than a decade he has dedicated his time to serving the community and helping young adults and children learn the importance of hard work and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. The Blystones care deeply about their community and provide many agricultural classes to kids and their parents. Joe and Jane are freedom loving patriots, who have encouraged many to value and practice their God-given freedoms.


David Mowery is an engaging speaker, now he is back to bring us our regions history during the Civil War. Don’t miss it!

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, November 11, 2021

This Class is Sponsored by Bill Roll

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During the American Civil War, Cincinnati played a crucial role in preserving the United States. Not only was the city the North’s most populous in the West, but also it was the nation’s third most productive manufacturing center. The Queen City of the West served as a key provider of the Union’s soldiers, weapons, supplies, medical aid, and political influencers.

In this presentation, Cincinnati historian David L. Mowery will reveal some of the Queen City’s key structures, such as military installations, hospitals, churches, businesses, and private homes, in the way they appeared at the time of the Civil War. Simultaneously, he will show how those same buildings look today. Come join David as he gives the highlights of Cincinnati’s impact on the outcome of the Civil War through a visual comparison of the past with the present.

Speaker Bio:

David L. Mowery is a native resident of Cincinnati, Ohio, and a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. American military history piqued his interest at an early age. Since childhood, he has researched and visited over seven hundred battlefields across fifty states and nine countries. In 2001, David joined the all-volunteer Ohio Civil War Trail Commission as its Hamilton County representative, but over the years his role expanded to include the final design and historical validation of the entire length of the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail of Ohio. He is the coauthor of Morgan’s Raid Across Ohio: The Civil War Guidebook of the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail (Ohio Historical Society, 2014) and the author of Morgan’s Great Raid: The Remarkable Expedition from Kentucky to Ohio (History Press, 2013). Since 1995, David has been a member of the Cincinnati Civil War Round Table, for which he has written various papers on Civil War subjects and has led many Civil War tours of the Cincinnati region. He has also served with the Buffington Island Battlefield Preservation Foundation, the grass-roots organization working to preserve Ohio’s largest Civil War battlefield.





EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Sorry This Class Has Been Cancelled as Professor Tuchfarber has Decided Not to Participate.   We Apologize for the Inconvenience!

This Class is Sponsored by Betty Overstreet

The purpose of tonight’s class is to give attendees……1) An opportunity to better understand the major changes and conflicts occurring in the US, and 2) An understanding of the diverse roles the US plays around the globe, how they are changing, and how our enemies are changing.

A few of the Questions to be answered are: 1) Will the US remain #1 across the globe?  2) Will American prosperity continue?  3) Whither goes inflation?  4) Where should investors look for investment opportunities?

Predictions to be made include: 1) When will we achieve a post-pandemic “New Normal?”  2) Which party will control the House and Senate after the 2022 elections?  3) Will radical progressives take control of US politics and policies?   On politics you won’t hear from a more interesting speaker than Professor Al Tuchfarber, PHD.

Jim Renacci to Join EmpowerU!

From 7:05-7:30, Jim Renacci, Candidate for Governor will join EmpowerU.   As Jim’s campaign heats up Economics in the State of Ohio will surely become on of the largest issues.   Join Jim tonight as he will discuss the 2022 campaign and part of his plan for major tax reform.



Speaker Bios:

Alfred J Tuchfarber PhD, Professor Emeritus of Political Science – University of Cincinnati
Owner – Tuchfarber Political-Economics, LLC, Blogger – TuchfarberReport.com

  • Al Tuchfarber is an academic and entrepreneur who has had a successful career as a teacher, researcher, senior administrator, campaign manager, political analyst, organizational strategist, and writer.
  • He holds a PhD in political science and has well over 100 publications.
  • Al’s intellectual and practical interests are very wide-ranging. He has spent his career both in the arena of ideas but also in the “real-world” where the rubber hits the road…where things must work.
  • Areas of special interest to him are American politics and political-economics, global politics and global political-economics, political polling, campaign and organizational strategies, demographics, and societal change.
  • Tuchfarber founded the Ohio Poll and directed it for a quarter century. The Poll established a remarkable record for accuracy in predicting elections and has been rated one of the nations best.
  • Al brings that experience and skill-set to his weekly blog — the Tuchfarber Report, as well as to his consulting, speaking, and writing.
  •  His predictions are 80 to 95% accurate because they are based on facts, data, history and common sense…NOT on ideology, partisanship, or hopes.

As a political-economic analyst and author of the Tuchfarber Report, Al brings you insights and forecasts that you will not find elsewhere.

In 2009, the Obama Administration took over General Motors, shuttering dealerships across the country- including Jim’s in Northeast Ohio. Shutting down Jim’s dealership killed 50 good-paying jobs in his community – and Jim wasn’t going to stand by while neighbors were going hungry. How could Washington blatantly interfere in the everyday lives of hard-working Americans who wanted nothing more but their own chance at the American Dream?   In 2010, Jim filed to run for U.S. Congress in Ohio’s 16th Congressional District, taking on a well funded Democratic incumbent. Jim won the election by 9 percent.
While in Congress, Jim earned a reputation for being a principled conservative and effective legislator. He quickly rose through the ranks to serve on the Committee on Financial Services, as vice-chair of the Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, and as a member of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations. After just two years, Jim was named to the powerful Ways and Means Committees and Budget Committees.
Jim’s track record as a blue-collar entrepreneur demonstrates his only allegiance has ever been to the very people who D.C. bureaucrats forcibly unemployed that fateful day in an Ohio car dealership – the everyday Americans forgotten by the Swamp. He represents the people’s hopes and fears, bringing actionable results back to the working people who gave him a voice.

The Incredible Life of Booker T. Washington Examined Tonight!

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, November 4, 2021

Class Sponsored by Gary and Barb Horwitz

To Watch a Complete Recording of This Class–Click Here

The speaker has asked for you to read these two documents prior to the class –Document 1

Document 2


Join EmpowerU and Professor of Political Science at Ashland University, Gregory McBrayer, as he relates the life story of the often overlooked American Historical figure Booker T. Washington. 

Booker T. Washington was born on April 5,1865 and became an educator, author, speaker and confidant of U.S. Presidents.   Born into slavery, he was a leading voice for civil rights for African Americans.  His voice and message continues to play a fundamental role in the ongoing civil rights debate today.  Gregory McBrayer  will paint the picture of the life of Booker T. Washington from being born into slavery, struggling against disenfranchisement and “Jim Crow” laws to mobilizing coalitions of blacks and whites focusing on self-reliance, self- help and the concept of  “racial uplift”.  Enjoy learning about this important American historical figure, his personal challenges living in the South immediately after the Civil War and his important contribution to healing the wounds of a nation torn by the war which pit brother against brother.

Do not miss this opportunity to hear from this amazing speaker who is passionate and knowledgeable about this subject and genuinely cares about true American History!


From 7:05-7:25–an important session featuring Corrinne Vidales– about the Backpack Bill.   Literacy, Lawyers, and Lobbying:  How a young lawyer has been led to transform education legislation after years of service in children’s nonprofits and legal research on the state of education rights. The daughter of educator learned that parents truly are the first and primary educators of their children and we need a system that support them in that role. The “Backpack Bill” is one initiative that will give parents freedom in educating their children.   Learn about this important possibility for Ohio parents and students.   Will you help?


Speaker Bios:

Gregory A. McBrayer, assistant professor of political science and director of the core curriculum, joined Ashland University in 2017.  He teaches courses in political philosophy and international relations.  Prior to coming to Ashland, he was an assistant professor at Morehead State University, a postdoctoral fellow at Emory University, and a visiting assistant professor at Gettysburg College.  He has published articles in Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy and Kentron: Revue Pluridisciplinaire du Monde Antique, as well as reviews in InterpretationThe Journal for Hellenic StudiesThe American Journal of Islamic Social Science, and Political Science Quarterly.  He is the author (with Mary Nichols and Denise Schaeffer) of Plato’s Euthydemus (Focus, 2011) and is the editor of Xenophon: The Shorter Writings (Cornell, forthcoming).

Corrinne Vidales is an attorney and lobbyist at Center for Christian Virtue where she serves as Assistant Director for the Ohio Christian Education Network. Corrinne is a graduate of Bowling Green Statue University and Ave Maria School of Law. During Law school she interned with the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations and well as Heartbeat International. Prior to her legal career, Corrinne worked with Catholic Charities in Syracuse, New York and Toledo, OH. it was these charity programs as well as her educator parents that influenced her interest in Education Law and Policy. Today, she is blessed to work on amazing initiatives with OCEN and CCV like the Backpack Bill. 


Finally, a class about Mellennials! Take 20: Educator Kelly Kohl's Empowers Parents and Citizens

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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Jonathan Jakubowski  explains why Millennials are leaving the Left, why that matters, and how conservatives can embrace them. Faith, family, freedom. These three pillars are interdependent in the American experiment. These timeless principles represent the reason for this book. With so many wonderful sources of literature discussing these ideals, one must ask, why is this book worthy of my time? Naturally, before spending countless hours writing, Jon had to ask himself the same question. It was upon the recognition of my unique location, living in Wood County, Ohio, a “Swing County”, that I knew that I had struck gold. Through a compilation of seven stories of Millennials in Swing County America, who swung from Obama to Trump, this work revives the importance of these timeless ideals of faith, family, and freedom in the electoral context.

Join  Dr. Kelly Kohls as she  teaches School Board Member Training. Why has public education been so widely criticized in the last 10 years?  Learn why and how we know public education is failing us both academically and financially and how it can be fixed.  Is the teachers union in full control of public education and if so what this means for your students, parents, community and country.    


Speakers Bio:

Jonathan Jakubowski is the Author of an award-winning book that has gained national attention. Jonathan and Bellwether Blues – A Conservative Awakening of the Millennial Soul have been featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show, Newsmax, the Washington Times, Newsweek, The New York Times, BBC World News, The Federalist and dozens of other leading media outlets. He is also Director of SmartSolve, an award-winning startup business focused on sustainable packaging. Jonathan played football and received his undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University and Masters Degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University. Jonathan is the Founder of Champions in Action, Chairman of the Forge Leadership Network Board of Directors, and Fellow at Club For Growth. You can check out his new monthly blog on Newsmax titled The Red Pill. Jonathan, his wife Missy, and their four children reside in Northwest Ohio.

Dr. Kelly Kohls is an involved freedom activist, an educator and a businesswoman. With her extensive background in the fields of health care and education, Dr. Kohls has seen politics and public education change in ways that many citizens do not fully understand. She alerts citizens to those changes and empowers citizens and parents to maintain an active involvement in public and school matters by taking personal responsibility for their own lives and children’s education needs.  As a leader of several Statewide and county organizations, Kohls travels the state of Ohio at her own expense, educating the public on “Why Education Is Failing Our Students and Why Common Core Is Not the Answer.” “Why we need to get more involved in public office candidate selection and mentoring”. She presents not only the problems, but solutions and recommendations, as well.

Dr. Kohls is the current President of the Ohio Republican PAC whose mission is to recruit, select and assist candidates for office that will strictly adhere to the US Constitution. She can be reached at the Ohio Republican PAC . com or the Ohio Republican PAC facebook page.

On the fence about whether homeschooling is for your family? This two hour class is for YOU!

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Saturday, October 30, 2021

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To Download Thea Shoemake’s Powerpoint Presentation–Click Here

Class Notes–Resource List–Required Reading from Thea Shoemake

Thea Shoemake’s Powerpoint Will Be Loaded Here on This Website on Monday, November 1, 2021

This Class is Sponsored by Dr. Jay Rissover

Have you been considering homeschooling; wondering what it would take to be successful? Starting to think you have no choice?  Sign up for this two hour class, and hear from someone who has done it. The overriding goal of homeschooling is to seed and encourage a curiosity that inspires life-long learning; an appreciation of the good, the beautiful and true, that through logic and reason, enables a free-thinking society that values logical and rational discourse.  This class is for parents, grandparents, or anyone with a degree, who you may wish to homeschool your child(ren).

You can homeschool your child, so everyone considering the lifestyle can benefit from this class.  The statistics on homeschooling have crushed most of the myths about the community, and we will certainly cover those, but at the end of the day, the most successful children have involved and engaged parents that have those important discussions at the dinner table…it’s just a matter of how many of those you need to “undo” before you have them.  Like the profession of teaching, today’s homeschooling community is comprised of two groups: those who homeschool as a calling, and those who homeschool as a refuge or alternative schedule.  Neither is right/wrong, good/bad, but why you homeschool may dictate the initial part of the journey.  Toward that end, this class will cover “Myth-busting,” how to be “Legal” in Ohio, “Curricula,” and other areas about which people usually ask such as “Sports/Extra Curriculars.”

So, this is a 2 hour class on Saturday morning!   We’ll make sure to have some coffee ready for you as you learn about this important information.

Speaker Bio :

Thea Shoemake chose to settle and raise their family in Cincinnati over 20 years ago.   In addition to her political involvement supporting unbridled liberty in education, Thea kept quite busy in her two favorite roles as homeschool mom and tutor in both home and traditional school environments.  A recent empty-nester, Thea continues to tutor and frequently helps other families considering the challenging but extremely rewarding lifestyle of home-centered education.   Thea is also the founder of the Podcast Everythin is Political.   This can be listened to on Apple, Spotify or Spreaker:  https://www.everythingspolitical.org/podcasts.   You can also get more up-do-date information at www.everythingspolitical.org.


Entrepreneur Luke Perry Discusses Mark Levin's New Book and Take 20 : Nancy Brunemann gives tax updates for 2021

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, October 28, 2021

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Required Reading for Tonight’s Class–Click Here

Join Empower U to discuss “American Marxism” Mark Levin’s most recent best seller.  The most important thing this book does is to name the malevolent political force that has been tearing this country apart as of late – Marxism.  Levin reveals how the core elements of Marxism are now pervasive in American society and culture.  He astutely notes that the original Communist Manifesto divided the people into two classes the “oppressors” and the “oppressed.” 

The “Great One” Mark Levin’s Book is #1 on the NY Times Best Sellers List

Today’s version of this tactic in use by the American Left goes “Either you agree that all the systems of American life and government are systemically racist and evil and ought to be torn down, or you support racism and evil.”  It is exactly this type of false binary choice that is a tool of the Marxist movement to enforce conformity across their political objectives.  In his book, Levin exposes tactics like this as well as the institutions, intellectuals, and activists who are leading this Marxist revolution, and he provides some answers and ideas on how to confront them. 

Levin ends the book addressing the reader directly saying “In the end, it is up to you to decide how best to help actively save our republic and what role you will choose…. While this is the end of the book, it is the beginning of a new day.” The backlash to the American Marxist revolution is here, and this book is a guide for patriotic Americans, informing us as to how we can be most effective in defeating the Marxist movement.  This is a very important book, and it comes at exactly the right time. 


50 Years ago in August 1971, President Richard Nixon imposed Wage and Price Controls on the United States.   Not since the 1970’s, has inflation increased as fast as it is in the United States now.   Inflation and shortages persisted during much of the 1970’s when inflation reached a high level 14.8% in March 1980 .   With the Producer Price Index today up 8.28% from one year ago, 9 out of 10 Americans say they are concerned.  Managing Board Member Dan Regenold will discuss Wage and Price Controls.   How much of a problem is inflation?  Is it likely that wage and price controls could be imposed by the Biden administration?   What has the history of controls been?  What do the experts say?   Tonight’s Take 20 is a warning of where our Country could be going and the fact that you should be prepared.

Speaker Bio :

Luke Perry is and entrepreneur and a Cincinnati native.   He will speak tonight about Mark Levin’s Book.   Luke became involved in community politics in 2020 as he witnessed the rise of CRT and abuse of the government’s emergency powers surrounding COVID.  Now, Luke writes the weekly email for Empower U’s sister group StopCriticalRaceTheory.com, and he engages with his local, state, and federal government representatives on a regular basis to discuss important issues.

Luke is also the board chairman of Ohio Valley Associated Builders and Contractors, an organization of nearly 300 businesses in the region that support the merit shop philosophy.  He is active in his family’s general contracting business and the Goering center at UC.   In his spare time, Luke enjoys exercising, competitive shooting, hunting, and bothering his wife.



Dan Regenold

Dan Regenold is the Managing Board Member of EmpowerUAmerica.org a FREE university that was founded in 2011.   He is also the founder and chairman of Frame USA, Inc. a online manufacturer of picture frames in Springdale, Ohio.   To read Dan’s full bio —Click Here.  




This Class Has Been Been Cancelled Due to a Complication in Travel Plans for Vivek. We hope to reschedule!

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, October 26, 2021

This Class Has Been Been Cancelled Due to a Complication in Travel Plans for Vivek. We hope to reschedule!

“Vivek Ramaswamy provides the single most informative and insightful analysis yet of woke ideology … WOKE, INC. is indispensable for understanding how America’s newest and most consequential cultural dogma is fundamentally transforming virtually every sector of our lives.”

— Glenn Greenwald, journalist, constitutional lawyer, and author of four New York Times bestselling books

The Author of Woke, Inc., Vivek Ramaswamy visits EmpowerU tonight.  A young entrepreneur makes the case that politics has no place in business, and sets out a new vision for the future of American capitalism.

There’s a new invisible force at work in our economic and cultural lives. It affects every advertisement we see and every product we buy, from our morning coffee to a new pair of shoes. “Stakeholder capitalism” makes rosy promises of a better, more diverse, environmentally-friendly world, but in reality, this ideology championed by America’s business and political leaders robs us of our money, our voice, and our identity.

Vivek Ramaswamy is a traitor to his class. He’s founded multibillion-dollar enterprises, led a biotech company as CEO, he became a hedge fund partner in his 20s, trained as a scientist at Harvard and a lawyer at Yale, and grew up the child of immigrants in a small town in Ohio. Now he takes us behind the scenes into corporate boardrooms and five-star conferences, into Ivy League classrooms and secretive nonprofits, to reveal the defining scam of our century.
The modern woke-industrial complex divides us as a people. By mixing morality with consumerism, America’s elites prey on our innermost insecurities about who we really are. They sell us cheap social causes and skin-deep identities to satisfy our hunger for a cause and our search for meaning, at a moment when we as Americans lack both.

This book not only rips back the curtain on the new corporatist agenda, but it also offers a better way forward. America’s elites may want to sort us into demographic boxes, but we don’t have to stay there. WOKE, INC. begins as a critique of stakeholder capitalism and ends with an exploration of what it means to be an American in 2021—a journey that begins with cynicism and ends with hope.

Vivek will be signing his book, Woke, Inc., at 6:30 PM before the class and after the class.   Make sure to grab one at this event.

“In this engaging, brilliant book, Vivek Ramaswamy hits the nail on the head: companies go woke because they get richer from division rather than unity. This book is an essential weapon in the battle to reclaim America’s soul.”

— JD Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy and venture capitalist


From 7:05-7:30 Todd Palmeter, Chief Executive Officer for Great Parks of Hamilton County will join us to discuss Issue 29.  The new levy would raise an extra $20 million annually for Great Parks.  Great Parks of Hamilton County will ask voters in November to double the amount of property taxes they pay for county parks. 

The five-member board Thursday approved a tax hike that would pay for more trails and maintenance at the 21 county parks and conservation areas and six golf courses. For the homeowner of a $100,000 house, the tax hike would cost an additional $33 per year. That’s on top of the current park levy that costs that same homeowner $30 per year. 

The tax hike is lower than the original proposals of 1 mil to 1.25 mills. That would have cost homeowners $35 to $43 per $100,000 each year. And it’s just over half the tax increase the park district tried to ask in 2020 when they voted to put a 1.8 mil, $63 per $100,000 tax hike on the ballot. 

Speaker Bio:

Vivek Ramaswamy founded Roivant Sciences, a biopharmaceutical company, in 2014, after a career as a successful biotech investor. A 35-year-old first-generation American, he is a graduate of Harvard College and Yale Law School. Vivek became a hedge fun partner in his 20’s, and grew up the child of immigrants in the small town of Evendale, Ohio.  He now lives with his wife Apoorva and their son Karthik.

Mr. Ramaswamy serves on the board of directors of the Philanthropy Roundtable and the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity.  In his new book Woke, Inc. Vivek takes you behind the scenes into corporate boardrooms and five-star conferences, into Ivy League classrooms and secret nonprofits, to reveal the defining scam of our century.   The book begins as a critique of stakeholder capitalism and ends with an exploration of what it means to be an American in 2021.  Vivek is a graduate of St. X High School and has recently been turning heads on Tucker Carlson’s show and on the Opinion pages of the Wall St. Journal.  

Todd Palmeter, Chief Executive Officer 
The Chief Executive Officer serves as the chief administrator and executive officer overseeing all operations of Great Parks of Hamilton County, reporting directly to the Board of Park Commissioners. The Chief Executive Officer works and collaborates with Great Parks Forever.




Sponsored by Senior Care Partners. Take 20: Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted Joins EmpowerU to discuss Higher Education Alternatives

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, October 21, 2021

To Watch a Complete Recording of This Class–Click Here

Doors to EmpowerU Studio Open at 6:30 PM

Required Reading:   Take Steps to Deal with Childhood Trauma

Uncertainty seems to be lurking all around us these days.  This can derail us if we are not careful.  Let’s add Dementia to the brain of someone you love and your whole world can feel upside down, falling apart.  We can’t fix this one but with the right instructions the holidays can still be meaningful.  I can add some much needed tools to your tool belt, help you realize there is life even with dementia and find hope while dealing with progressive memory loss.  

I hope you will join me to learn better ways to enjoy family time even with someone living with Dementia. Mark your calendar for Oct. 21st at 7pm and have your notepad ready as I take you on a journey into our holiday traditions.  

Thank goodness EmpowerU provides a platform where adults can gather in person or online to learn about issues that many of us are dealing with. This event is being sponsored by Senior Care Partners.


7:05-7:25 PM–Jon Husted, Lieutenant Governor
for the State of Ohio joins EmpowerU.   Navigating Pathways to Credentials and Careers.  Description: Americans owe an estimated $1.57 trillion in student loan debt. Some want the debt “forgiven,” and some want college to be “free.” There are affordable solutions out there for students and families if you know how to navigate the system. It’s my goal as Lieutenant Governor to help Ohioans figure out how to reach their destination. If you take advantage of the opportunities available right now in Ohio, you can receive a college degree, an industry-recognized credential and a pathway to a rewarding career, all debt-free, no matter your age or background.

Speaker Bio:

 Teresa Youngstrom is a Seasoned Registered Nurse and Dementia Specialist. She has more than 35 years of Clinical and Leadership experience in Healthcare.  She became intensely focused on Memory Care when it touched her own family. Teresa is a PAC Certified Independent Trainer under Teepa Snow. Her passion for improving the lives of people living with Dementia led her to start her own business, “A Better Approach to Memory Care”, where she provides staff training, family consulting and professional education. 


Lt. Governor Jon Husted oversees the Ohio Common Sense Initiative (CSI) and serves as the Director of both the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation and InnovateOhio.   Jon Husted started his life in a foster home before being adopted by his loving parents, Jim and Judy. He is the oldest of three children and was raised in Northwest Ohio’s Williams County. The small community instilled in him the importance of faith, family, and hard work that serve as the foundation of his public service. He graduated from Montpelier High School and earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of Dayton (UD).

Jon was an All-American defensive back for the Dayton Flyers and a member of UD’s 1989 Division III National Championship Football Team. After receiving his Master’s Degree, Jon remained in the Miami Valley and served as the Vice-President for Economic Development at the Dayton-Area Chamber of Commerce.

Wild Birds Unlimited : Everyone loves hummingbirds, but what about all the other wild birds. Take 20: Tom Hagedorn talks about American Education.

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Class Sponsored by Diane Landi

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WHO ARE OUR BACKYARD BIRDS?   HOW CAN I ATTRACT THEM TO MY BACKYARD?  Tim Coates who  has owned and operated Wild Birds Unlimited in Forest Park for over 20 years  will share his vast knowledge and first hand observations of Backyard Wild Birds and help us make them our Backyard Buddies.  Moreover, His presentation style and sense of humor will keep you entertained throughout his class!

Wild Birds is a nation-wide franchise with over 300 stores in 45 states and four provinces in Canada and is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN.  They have been serving the Backyard Birding community for nearly 40 years.  Tim will share his insight on topics including, “Who are our Backyard Birds”, “How Can I Attract Them to My Backyard”, “Selecting Food and Feeders to my Backyard” and “The Wonderful World of Bird Behavior”.  Tim will also be glad to answer any questions you have so bring them with you!

If you are a bird lover you will not want to miss this class, and if you are not you may just turn into one!

 Join Tom Hagedorn as he talks about American Education and its Takeover by International Socialism. International socialism began its nearly complete “long march” through every major American institution over one hundred years ago. Education was a prime early target. They knew that Abraham Lincoln was right when he said, “the philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next.” The leader of this sinister mission was John Dewey, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, who is widely recognized as the Father of American Education. This class will take you on a quick tour of the persistent war waged by American Marxist educators since the 1920s, when Dewey came back from a tour sponsored by Stalin’s Russia to write glowing reports of conditions in the Soviet Union. Dewey and other socialists hatched their plans in the 1930s at Columbia University and started to recruit followers at the highest levels of American education. You will learn how their plans were methodically implemented and fine-tuned over every generation since then, into what is known today as progressive education. This system, intended only for a socialist America, has dominated education in public, private, and even religious schools for some time. In many ways, it explains both WHY and HOW traditional Christian norms in law, morality, and society have been replaced by the radical secular absence of standards that now dominates American thought, culture and society. Progressive education has set the stage for a peaceful revolution.

Speaker Bio:

Tim Coates: Tim opened Wild Birds Unlimited in Forest Park, in October, 1995.  He has grown it into the largest store to include not only fresh, no-filler seeds and seed blends, but also state of the art feeders, houses, birdbaths and an exclusive Advanced Pole System.    There is a huge assortment of nature and backyard books, field guides, garden art, and wind chimes.  Additionally, the store includes an entire squirrel department with feeders and toys, just for squirrels.

He was raised in Illinois farm country, attended the University of Indianapolis, and arrived in Cincinnati via Federated Department Stores in the late 70’s.  Tim has appeared on Live in the Morning, WXIX Channel 19, and gives about 3 to 4 talks every month.  He has lived in the Cincinnati area for over 40 years, has two sons, Robert (39) and Garrett (37), and two grandchildren.

Tim has created a welcoming atmosphere in which to browse and relax, while enjoying a complimentary cup of hot tea, coffee, apple cider or hot chocolate along with a bag of snacks.


Tom Hagedorn: Tom has been studying American Education for 30 years. While pursuing an independent study of the history of the Buckeye State, he stumbled upon a sentence in the Ohio Constitution that would change his life forever: “Religion, morality, and knowledge, however, being essential to good government…it shall be the duty of the general assembly…to encourage schools and the means of education.” His shock that the public schools were created to support religion and morality led him on a long, tedious journey. Eight years ago, he published “Founding Zealots: How Evangelicals Created America’s First Public Schools, 1783-1865.” It tells how those first schools came about and what they were like. But it also describes in detail how this story has been ignored and distorted by the progressive historians who have a very different vision for American schools, society and government than did our Founders.

Tom has been providing investment advice to individuals for four decades. When he was not researching and writing Founding Zealots, he was involved in various political, charitable, and community activities. He remains active in all those things and in the fight to return the schools to a traditional role in American society, in service to their parents and to their parents’ values.


For all entrepreneurs. How about grave-robbing or body snatching as a business, are you thinking “out of the box”? Take 20: Lauren Bowen talks about the Freedom Foundation and her important work informing unionized employees.

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, October 14, 2021

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Required Reading:  Resolution 20 Repealed–Read the New Resolution on Academic Excellence — Click Here

Mary Cunningham who, in the 1870s, with her husband William were in the business of aiding many young Cincinnati medical students in their studies by providing them with cadavers upon which to examine.  They were grave-robbing body snatchers!  Irish born Mary was a fun-loving woman that liked her whiskey and was rough around the edges.  At the time you “see” Mary her beloved husband William, known as the “Ghoul of Cincinnati,” had passed away.  Mary, dubbed as “Alligator Jaws” will enlighten you of the fine arts of bodysnatching, which was a very lucrative market in Cincinnati during that time.  What else we know of Mary are from the many Cincinnati newspaper articles about bodysnatching.

The Freedom Foundation has One Mission, One Goal : We are an action-focused, non-profit policy organization- a “Think tank”- based in Olympia, Washington and active across the nation, with additional offices in Oregon, California , Ohio and Pennsylvania. Founded in 1991 by Bob Williams and Lynn Harsh to advance the ideals of ” free markets and limited accountable government,” today we are a national leader in winning the fight for freedom at the state and local level. Since 2012, our singular focus has been battling public-sector unions, and no one fights government unions more aggressively or successfully than the Freedom Foundation. We battle the union political machine by defending workers’ constitutional rights, enforcing campaign  finance laws, introducing reforms that protect workers’ rights, working to increase union transparency, and exposing the illegal actions of big government unions.   Hear this interesting story from Ohio Director, Lauren Bowen.

Speaker Bios:

 Joyce Lovins Browning- is a native of Ohio growing up in Harrison and Okeana.  She has been performing Living History for over 18 years.  She retired after 20 years as the Naturalist Coordinator from Great Parks of Hamilton County in 2018, and now enjoys working as a part-time Tour Coordinator for Ohio Travel Treasures, sending groups on wonderful bus tour adventures.



 Lauren Bowen: Ohio Director- Lauren is a lifelong Ohio resident and calls Cincinnati home. After earning a master’s degree in international politics from Wright State University in 2014, she led an innovative, first of its kind, digital government accountability and transparency project, called the Ohio Checkbook. Through that leadership experience, Lauren developed a fierce determination to undermine government corruption. She has since joined the Freedom Foundation as State Director to fight union tyranny and oppression. In her spare time Lauren enjoys collecting early American antiques and trying new restaurants with her husband.


What would you do if you were caught in an Active Shooter situation? This class will prepare you should it ever happen.

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Note:  We are  Sorry, but the Virtual Part of Tonight’s Class has been cancelled due to the complexity of the Powerpoint Presentation.   We do not believe the slide and video presentation would translate well to a virtual showing.   Please join us live for the class at EmpowerU Studio at 6:30 PM.

An intense 2 hour, awareness-level class will help you better understand: 

Lessons learned from current research on active shooter (killer) incidents and, how to prepare as an individual to avoid, deter or delay an active shooter (killer) incident.  If you and your family are caught in one of these incidents, what should you do?  Do you know why these incidents happen, or if there are any patterns to such crimes?   You’ll learn response considerations for the concealed carry individual, and what kind of training is available.  Should you consider always having some kind of equipment on you to minimize loss of life and maximize your chances for survival? 

Businesses will want to consider legal considerations of workplace violence (WPV) and active shooter (killer) incidents.   As an employer do you have a workable active shooter (killer) response plan?  “Hardening” your facilities, improving your procedures, & training your greatest assets: your co-workers and you!  Equipment considerations (safety, medical, etc.) to minimize loss of life and maximize your chances for survival.  Communication considerations, both internal and external, to include 9-1-1, your loved ones, and your employees.  


Speaker Bio:

COL Bob Cutajar, USA (ret.)  (coo – TIE – yer”)

Has managed the Center for Haz Mat, Rescue & Safety at Cincinnati State College’s Workforce Development Center for 6 years.  Retired after forty years in the Army as infantry officer; sniper instructor; warrant officer & helicopter pilot.   Combat service in: Grenada, Central America, Desert Storm, Balkans, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabian peninsula (wounded twice).  Retired from P&G after twenty-six years as CBD/PS.   Spent 10 years in Florida as Reserve Deputy Sheriff. Firearms Instructor (NRA / USCCA; OH and KY concealed carry licenses) Curriculum developer of both the “Active Killer Awareness & Safety” and “Basic Emergency Casualty Care” Workshops at Cincinnati State College.



Digital Dollar? Bitcoin? Are you prepared for future changes to the dollar? Take 20--Barb Horwitz discusses Civil Disobedience.

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, October 7, 2021

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Move over Bitcoin The Federal Reserve is taking what may be the first significant step toward launching its own virtual currency, a move that could shake up banks, give millions of low-income Americans access to the financial system and fortify the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency.  The idea of creating a fully digital version of the U.S. dollar, which was unthinkable just a few years ago, has gained bipartisan interest from lawmakers as diverse as Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and John Kennedy (R-La.)

The explosive rise of private crypto currencies in recent years motivated the Fed to start considering a digital dollar to be used alongside the traditional paper currency. Although crypto currencies like bitcoin are digital, a Central Bank Digital Currency would be fundamentally different from current cryptos because it would still be controlled by a central bank rather than a decentralized computer network.

Coinbase, maybe you’ve never heard of it. Or, maybe you’re confused about what it even is. A quick explanation:  Coinbase is an app that lets you buy and sell all sorts of cryptocurrencies.  You can also use Coinbase to convert one cryptocurrency to another, or to send and receive cryptocurrency to and from other people. Coinbase also shows you the current price and trends for cryptocurrencies, a look at your portfolio of holdings, and news stories about the industry.

China’s central bank is rolling out its own digital yuan as it cracks down on the mining and usage of crytocurrencies within its border.

In May, Goldman Sachs launched their Digital Assets dashboard which provides daily and intraday cryptocurrency market data and news to their clients.

Barb Horwitz speaks on Civil Disobedience. Remember the sit-ins at segregated lunch counters in the South in the early 60s?  Remember the flag burnings to protest the Vietnam War?  And more recently, think about Edward Snowden’s release of highly classified NSA documents to bring public awareness of the government’s unconstitutional surveillance practices and infringement of civil liberties.  These are examples of civil disobedience, which is the active, non-violent refusal to accept the dictates of governments.  It’s a grass roots form of action when traditional methods of protest such as petitioning, lobbying, marching, and voting have failed to get a response from the government.   It came to public attention in the mid-1800s through the work of the famous American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau, and achieved its greatest recognition when Martin Luther King used practical methods to implement it during the fight for civil rights in the 1960s.  We’ll take a look at Thoreau’s and King’s thoughts about it tonight, and see what insights they can give us today to meaningfully react to and protest current governmental policies.


Speaker Bio:


Michael Hiles: Michael is a business executive focused on early-stage technology research and development. As a software engineer, he is a technology solutions architect with marketing, business operations, and financial experience. Michael began developing software on mainframe systems at an early age in the late 1970’s. He began his career in the early 1990s as a software engineer for Sabre Systems and Services, which later became Manatron – a provider of local county government enterprise solutions. In 1995, Michael founded SoftLynx Interactive, one of the first web development companies in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area.

After exiting his web development firm in 2000, Michael sought to bring web technology to other industries. He became the lead internet architect for Proware, a Cincinnati-based govtech software provider. Proware builds judicial management solutions, and Michael’s team won a Smithsonian Laureate Award for being the first to ever connect a judicial system to the world wide web (courtclerk.org).

Michael served as President of the Board of Directors for the Franklin County Economic Development Commission in Franklin County, Indiana in 2012. While acting as board president, Michael’s efforts led to the creation of a local business development TIF district and relocation of a large manufacturing plant (Uni-Ref) into a vacant facility, creating many career-wage jobs.

He launched the Cincinnati chapter of Founder Institute, the local operation for the Silicon Valley-based global accelerator founded by Adeo Ressi. In three years, the local accelerator launched almost 30 companies with pre-money valuations of $1 million each.  Early in 2017, Michael formalized the founding team and launched 10XTS, a provider of blockchain information governance, risk, and compliance information and data solutions.


Barb Horwitz: Barb was a member of the Butler County, Ohio, legal community for many years, serving first as a paralegal in two general practice firms, then as the bailiff for retired Common Pleas Judge Michael J. Sage, and finally as an attorney in a firm where she specialized in insurance litigation and consumer bankruptcy. She has continued her practice of insurance law and consumer bankruptcy in a partnership with her son Jonathan Horwitz at offices presently in Centerville, Ohio.

She resided for many years in Springfield Township, where she served as a president of the View Place Civic Association. In addition, she has volunteered in several political campaigns. She and her husband Gary have now resided and raised their family in Wyoming for several years.

Heritage Foundation on History of Critical Race Theory and What We Can Do To Fight Back

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, October 5, 2021

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Critical race theory (CRT) is a descendent of critical theory (CT), a school of philosophy that began in Frankfurt, Germany, in the 1920s and 1930s at the University of Frankfurt’s Institute for Social Research. It became known as “the Frankfurt School” and was one of the first, if not the first, Western Marxist schools patterned after the Marx–Engels Institute in Moscow.


The Frankfurt School’s scholars fled to Columbia University’s Teachers College in New York in 1934 to escape persecution by the Nazis, and were careful to erase the word Marxism from their research papers so as not to attract attention in America. Critical theory was, from the start, an unremitting attack on Western institutions and norms in order to tear them down. 

It next became a short step to critical legal theory in the late 1970s and 1980s. CLT built on critical theory’s idea that the world is based on systems of power and claims that American law is systemically oppressive. From there it was another short step to Critical Race Theory which further claimed that America is systemically racist, and that this racism produced an alliance between working-class whites and the oppressor capitalist class, which prevented working-class solidarity.


When followed to its logical conclusion, CRT is destructive and rejects the fundamental ideas on which our constitutional republic is based. Applying the philosophy would violate a multitude of American civil rights laws by treating people differently according to race. This presentation will dive into the history and origins of critical theory, critical legal theory and critical race theory, how Americans can identify it, and how we can fight back against this destructive ideology.


Stephanie Kreuz, who many of us know from her important work at Heritage Action will be joining Mike Gonzalez in his presentation.


From 7:05-7:25 Meet Isaac Adi, born in Nigeria.   Isaac is running for School Board in the Lakota District.  He will discuss The America he came to which was one that gave everyone an equal chance to succeed.  How all people should have a chance to take advantage of the opportunities that America offers to achieve the American Dream–and how it is different than the Country he came from.

Speaker Bio:

Mike Gonzalez is a Senior Fellow at The Heritage Foundation. He writes on Critical Race Theory, identity politics, diversity, multiculturalism, assimilation and nationalism, as well as foreign policy in general. He spent close to 20 years as a journalist, 15 of them reporting from Europe, Asia and Latin America. He left journalism to join the administration of President George W. Bush, where he was speechwriter for Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox before moving on to the State Department’s European Bureau. He joined Heritage in March 2009.

Gonzalez is a widely experienced writer and public speaker, and holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Boston’s Emerson College, and an MBA from Columbia Business School. He was a member of President Donald Trump’s “1776 Commission” and is the author of A Race for the Future: How Conservatives Can Break the Liberal Monopoly on Hispanic American (2014), The Plot to Change America: How Identity Politics is Dividing the Land of the Free (2020), and BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution, which releases September 7, 2021.


Stephanie Kreuz–Stephanie Kreuz has been involved in public policy and political campaigns since 2005. Prior to joining the Heritage Action team she worked in the legal field, and wrote for WatchdogWire, a project of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity. She also previously interned for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in Midland, Michigan in education policy. Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Hillsdale College in 2012, with a major in Politics and a minor in Latin. She grew up near Toledo, OH and currently resides in Cincinnati.


Isaac Adi– is running for the Lakota School Board. He is a very proud US citizen. He came to America from Nigeria over 18 years ago to provide my family with the opportunities in America that did not exist in his country. 
The America Isaac came to was one that gave everyone an equal chance to succeed. Isaac believes if you take advantage of the opportunities and work hard you will fulfill your dream. 
His family has taken advantage of the opportunities America offers by getting a strong education and working hard. America is a country that rewards those who are prepared, and are willing to work every day to achieve their own American dream. In America, we are all given the chance to achieve our dream.  While Isaac loves his country of birth, he also love the country he chose so many years ago, America. His family and he are examples of what can happen if you get a good education and work hard every day to achieve your American dream. Isaac has a Business Administration graduate of Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria and has received a Master’s in Science from Colorado Technical University in Colorado Springs, CO. He is a managing partner of Ohio based KGN Petroleum and a member of the Ohio Oil & Gas Association. https://www.isaacadi.com/on-the-issues 

Systemic Woke Suburban Thuggery… and Take 20: Brendan Shea Talks About Today's Ohio Education System.

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, September 30, 2021

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Both Rachel R. Citak and Max Black discuss cancel culture and silencing issues in the suburban community. In case you didn’t know—white, suburban, middle-class liberals are the face of today’s political intimidation tactics. And political intimidation is the new tool for shutting down public discourse—especially when it comes to threatening parents and candidates who are willing to speak out against Critical Theory. But the real question is, how many are being silenced and victimized by these covert tactics? How can you identify and respond? How can you keep from getting #canceled? What are the civil and criminal legal options available to you?
Join us for an eye-opening and informative class discussing the ins and outs of
Systemic Woke Suburban Thuggery. From mail fraud to identity theft, doxxing to
glitter bombs, join CRT expert Attorney Rachel Citak and Canceled Out podcast
host Max Black as they discuss the widespread silencing firsthand accounts of
victims and pending litigation, coming straight from an Ohio neighborhood near
you. And yes—we have the receipts. With local school board elections just around the corner, our voices and k-12 curriculums are at stake. Call it the modern mafia, call it the worst of woke-ism— but what you cannot call it is apolitical. Whether you are a candidate, parent, or concerned-citizen, you won’t want to miss this.

Brendan Shea discusses Critical Race Theory (CRT), Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). In this talk, State Board of Education member Brendan Shea, a parent of 5 children, will equip you with knowledge and tools to combat these three harmful programs plaguing education today.


Speaker Bios: 

EmpowerU guest Rachel R. Citak Ohio-licensed attorney and owner of her own legal practice, RACHEL R. CITAK, ATTORNEY AT LAW LLC. Her firm services clients across Ohio in multiple practice areas. Additionally, her conservative advocacy and public relations work has included appearing on Ohio news stations and testifying at the Ohio Statehouse. In addition to publishing op-ed articles as a member of the Cincinnati Enquirer Board of Contributors, she has also authored op-eds in the Western Journal and Columbus Dispatch—with a feature by Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire. Prior to opening her firm, she specialized in Criminal Law with a focus on prosecution in law school while clerking for the Ohio Attorney General and Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office.

Rachel has extensive experience working in Columbus as both a registered lobbyist and in-house counsel. She currently serves as a board member for Cincinnati Right to Life and Stand With Cops. As passionate firearms enthusiasts, Rachel and her husband Rob are active members of the second amendment community in addition to serving as advisory attorneys for the USCCA network. When she’s not servicing her clients, you can find her participating in equestrian sport, hanging out with her German Shepherd and Cavalier Spaniel, or shooting her Glock 42 on their outdoor range at home. 


Moderator Max Black is host of the Canceled Out podcast covering local politics with the goal of inspiring and encouraging individuals on how to make a difference in their communities. He is a Project Manager, US Navy submarine veteran and graduate from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s in Music Business. Upon returning to his hometown of Cincinnati, he familiarized himself with the importance of local elections and politicians’ responsibilities to their constituents. His mission is to build a framework for effecting change by leveraging modern technologies, including the podcast and building platforms like Chronikles.org, to provide a reliable resource for information on local stories. When he’s not working, Max spends his time reading, hiking with his dog and enjoying IPAs at the local breweries.


Brendan Shea was elected to the State Board of Education by the people of the 10th District in November 2020. The 10th District includes Adams, Brown, Clark, Clermont, Clinton, Fayette, Gallia, Greene, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence, Madison, Pike, Ross, Scioto and the western portions of Pickaway and Vinton counties. 

Hailing from a large family of educators, Brendan believes deeply in the life-changing power of education. He believes education should focus on the good, the true and the beautiful and that children must learn to think critically and develop wisdom and virtue, allowing them to achieve their God-given potential and to become engaged citizens and productive members of society. 

As the father of five young children, Brendan knows firsthand the unique challenges families face in raising and educating their children today. He believes parents are the first and primary educators of their children, and he will be a strong voice for both parents and children on the Board. 

This Class is Virtual Only : House Representative Jennifer Gross joins EmpowerU and Take 20-- Meet one of Ohio's Future Leaders--Ruth Edmonds

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Required Reading:   Read 13 Year Old Hawke Busby’s Message About Kids and His Generation

Required Listening:   Megyn Kelly’s / Tucker Carlson Interview on September 24

Freshman State Representative Jennifer Gross (Dist. 52 West Chester) joins EmpowerU to discuss various issues including the contentious House Bill 248.  House Bill 248, the Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act, authored by Representative Gross  who is joined by fifteen co-sponsors in the Ohio House from across the state. This bill would prohibit the imposition of a “vaccine mandate” and carrying a “vaccine passport” in order  for Ohioans to work, exercise or enter public buildings.  Proposed legislation in Ohio has rarely caused such a dramatic separation of viewpoints among legislators, businesses, and Ohioans.  After Ohioans have lived under lockdowns, mask restrictions and  a mandatory vaccination scheme for more than a year,  House Bill 248 attempts to bridge the divide between safety precautions taken on behalf of the public “Common Good” and the very basis of individual liberty and personal responsibility.  Get your popcorn!

From ghetto girl to God’s Ambassador, Ruth Edmonds a self-professed modern day government mountain prophet with the loyalty of Ruth, the anointing of Deborah and the call like Esther for such a time shares how her faith journey shaped her approach to being a candidate for the U.S. Congress.   Oh and if you haven’t had a chance make sure to watch that incredible interview Ruth had with Tucker Carlson–to watch click-here.


Speaker Bios:

State Rep. Jennifer Gross is currently serving her first term in the Ohio House of Representatives.  She represents the 52nd District, which includes West Chester Township, Liberty Township, Fairfield Township and part of Sharonville in Butler County.  She is a 21-year Air Force veteran and retired Lt. Colonel, who served our great nation in Saudi Arabia during Operation Provide Comfort and in Sarajevo during Operation Provide Promise.  Gross retired from the military in 2008.  She is currently a member of American Legion Post 681 and VFW Post 7696, where she became the first active female inductee in February, 2019. 


Representative Gross has been a Family Nurse Practitioner for over 16 years and a registered nurse for over 30 years.  Prior to becoming an NP, she managed a three million dollar territory for Eli Lilly.  She most recently participated as a sub-investigator for Operation WARP Speed developing treatments to help battle COVID-19.  She also currently manages a small business as a health coach.  Representative Gross believes in strong public policy that supports Ohio business success, legislation which supports and protects the unborn and will uphold Ohioans Constitutional Freedoms.  She resides in West Chester with her husband, Chris, and their two sons.


Minister Ruth Edmonds, Director Christian Engagement, Center for Christian Virtue (CCV)

Ruth Edmonds is a Christian conservative leader, public policy activist and   a   sought after voice by clergy, lay ministers, the faith community and national media on issues impacting culture such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), School Choice, NewsMax, Sebastian Gorka and Tucker Carlson programs.


Ruth has a distinguished public service career having been a key aide to the administration of conservative elected office holders including Franklin County Auditor Clarence Mingo, Ohio Governor Bob Taft, and former Congresswoman Deborah Pryce. She’s a former president of the Columbus Branch NAACP, the nation’s largest and oldest civil rights organization. Recently she ran and finished strong in a special primary election for the open OH-15 Congressional District seat, placing in the top 5 of an 11 way race and second in the largest county of the district beating out two state senators, a state rep and a self-funded businessman.

Ruth is a licensed and ordained minister serving on the ministry leadership team at her home church, Columbus Christian Center. A proud U.S. citizen, defender of the U.S. Constitution, committed to ensuring the strongest American government of the people, by the people and for the people, Ruth’s principles, character, ethics, and integrity are grounded in a biblical worldview. A mother of two adult daughters, Ruth lives in Upper Arlington, Ohio with her husband George.


Take 20: Meet 13 Year old Hawke Busby, a kid Who Believes He Can Make a Difference

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, September 23, 2021

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6:15-7:00 PM–Come Early–Live Music From Mike Biere –Join US!

Mike Biere to Play Live Acoustic Music from 6:15-7:00 PM–Come Early!

So what does it mean to EmpowerU?   Let’s get into tonight…  Dan will bring us up-to-date on Critical Race Theory in Ohio.  He will talk about activism and his Lawsuit against the “Woke” Ohio Board of Education.  Can we win?    He will mix in a few interesting stories that have happened along the way (There have been many!)  and relate this battle to our history and why it is so important to understand exactly what is happening.  

Dan Regenold is one of the founders of the initiative StopCriticalRaceTheory.com a Coalition of 41 Ohio groups.   The mission:  Stop Critical Race Theory in Ohio’s schools, universities and governments. One of the goals of the class is to help people at EmpowerU catch-up with what has happened in the State of Ohio and Critical Race Theory over the last 3 months.   Also a discussion about Education in Ohio…you won’t like what you hear…

During this presentation you will also learn about “Equity”,  and how schools all around Ohio have hired consultants to create racist “School Equity Plans.”–paid for with Covid money.   Learn how to talk back to teachers and educators trying to indoctrinate your kids.    Also, we will look at Governor Mike DeWine’s role in moving Ohio towards Critical Race Theory and the legislation that is currently pending in Ohio (House Bill 327) to end CRT and the teaching, advocation or promoting divisive concepts.    Dan’s goal tonight is simple.  To help get you more Empowered in your life and take on tough topics whether it be in business, your personal life or involvement with your kids!   Dan dares you to EmpowerU!


Also on this night you will get to meet an incredible 13 year old Hawke Busby.   He was homeschooled last year and will be attending the Ohio Christian Academy this year.   He loves Hip Hop Dance, Breakdancing and Basketball.   He believes kids can make a difference in the world and he is simply using his voice to do his part.   Hear Hawke’s incredible story and voice tonight at EmpowerU.  (See picture of Hawke Busby below)

Speaker Bio:

Dan Regenold first became active in Government in 2003 when he became involved fighting Eminent Domain and helping stop it in Evendale and in Norwood, Ohio. In 2006, he was one of the founders of WeDemandAVote.com which successfully fought and stopped, by ballot initiative, a sales tax increase in Hamilton County, Ohio. Later WeDemand stopped Red Light Cameras in Hamilton County.   

Regenold spoke at the CPAC Convention in 2008 to discuss major Grassroots initiative actions across the United States.   In 2009, Dan was unsuccessful in his efforts to bring accountability to the Federal Government’s finances with a citizen lead initiative WeDemandABalancedBudget.com.  In 2010 Regenold was one of three leaders of the initiative to End Ohio’s Estate Tax which happened in 2011. The Tax Foundation called the repeal of Ohio Estate Tax one of the most important Tax accomplishments of 2011. In 2011 Regenold founded EmpowerUAmerica.org (now in its 22nd semester), a Free University offered in the Greater Cincinnati area with the goal of “empowering” citizens. 

In 2014, Regenold was one of the leaders of the effort to separate Music Hall from a County Wide Sales Tax which helped the Museum Center renovation get passed by the voters of Hamilton County.   Dan is a lover of Liberty and enjoys speaking to EmpowerU classes about subjects he is passionate about.  Recently he has discussed:  Milton Friedman, Saul Alinsky, Net Neutrality, D-Day, The Deficit Mess, America and Winston Churchill at EmpowerU Classes.   Regenold is founder and Chairman of Frame USA, Inc., a Made-In-America picture frame manufacturing company in Springdale, Ohio.


Parents Rise up and Protest at the Board of Education!

Ohio Board of Education
25 S. Front Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Important: If you are concerned about Critical Race Theory and the direction of education in Ohio we need you  at this rally to show support. Please consider taking a day off work for this important event–it’s critical!   The speaker lineup for this invent is incredible including, Josh Mandel, Ruth Edmonds, Andy Brenner, Rev. C.L. Bryant, Jennifer Gross, 14 Yr. Old Haddon Lockyer, Kirsten Hill, Jenny Kilgore, Isaac Adi, Sarah Fowler Arthur, and Senate Candidate Mark Pukita!   To see a complete list of speakers and their bios–Click Here

“Woke” Ohio Department of Education President Laura Kohler Tries to Limit Public Access to
Tuesday’s Meeting–Read Attorney Curt Hartman’s Response–Click Here

To Download a Map of this Event Click Here

  • Protest the Board’s Resolution #20–The Onset of Critical Race Theory in Ohio!
  • Protest Governor Mike DeWine’s Support of Racist Equity Plans taking over School Districts Across Ohio (have you checked your School System?)
  • Protest the State School Board’s refusal to hear public comment on the subject of “Race” at their Board Meetings at a time when the Legislature is discussing Racism in Public Schools.
  • Protest bad education outcomes in schools across Ohio!


  • 8:00 AM –Arrive at the Board of Education, 25 South Front St. , Columbus, OH  43215–Protest Picket
  • 8:30 AM –9:45 AM–Hear Inspirational speakers from around Ohio on the important subjects of education and Critical Race Theory.  We will be protesting and Picketing while we hear from speakers.
  • 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM — Join us as we visit local legislators at the Statehouse and the Riffe Center. Let them know what we think about Critical Race Theory. We will continue to Protest and Picket.
  • 11:45-12:30 — Capitol Square South Plaza – Hear from More Speakers for this event.
  • 12:45 PM — Protest Ends and please return home safely!
    Please Register for this FREE Event!

Click Here to Register to Attend This FREE Event!


Click Here To Register for Bus Transportation from Cincinnati-Leaving from King’s Island Park and Ride (map to be sent to you)  at 5:45 AM, Return Bus Leaves at 1:15 PM – Cost is $15.00 (Bus Trip goers will also receive a FREE Box Lunch at Noon).   Bus will be a school bus driven by a professional driver, (no air conditioning).


Please Consider Making a Contribution to Our Campaign to Help Cover Costs  (Fee for Protesting at Capital $450–Thank You!)

For questions about this event email: info@StopCriticalRaceTheory.com .   We may offer more buses from around the State as we accept registrations.

StopCriticalRaceTheory.com is a Coalition of the following 41 groups  and is an initiative EmpowerUOhio.org, Inc., the Sponsor of this Protest.   If your group or Business wants to be included in our Coalition email: info@stopcriticalracetheory.com.

Please sign on to www.StopCriticalRaceTheory.com and tell your friends to take the pledge today! By taking the pledge you allow us to keep you informed of our initiative and let you know of hotspots and problem schools as they show up.  Thank You!

Chris Hicks to Discuss Contract With School Board

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
This is a Virtual Event Only
Thursday, July 1, 2021

To Watch A Complete Recording of This Class–Click Here

Tonight’s Required Reading:  Wall Street Journal “The New Racial Discrimination”–What You Get With Equity.  Click Here

To Contact Daniel Payne at Politico to tell him your story–if you are a parent–and considering running for an office–email Daniel at:  dpayne@politico.com

To Download a Copy of the Contract with the District–Click Here

Mandatory Summer School!   You have 34 Days to Sign Up to Run for School Board in Ohio!

Tom Hach from Free Ohio Now to Join EmpowerU!

This overview training for running for School Board in Ohio is designed to help prospective school board candidates, who want Ohio schools to educate the fundamentals, including reading, writing, math, history, science and critical thinking, run effective campaigns and win!  At this time, there is an effort by some elements in society, including the education establishment, the media, as well as federal, state and local government officials, to impose comprehensive sex education, Critical Race Theory, The 1619 Project and other race-based theories and ideologies into Ohio classrooms starting as early as kindergarten and running through 12 grade and beyond.  

Countering the drive to sexualize and ideologically indoctrinate our children is an American Resurgency movement consisting of everyday Ohioans, like you and me, who are engaging with our schools to ensure a balanced and factually substantiated curriculum regarding sex education and American history are being taught.  A movement which ultimately believes our schools should graduate students who are well educated, independent thinkers, seekers of wisdom and who are on their way to being productive fellow citizens.

If we are going to restore our constitutional republic, leaders must rise up to run for school board in order to make a real and lasting difference in what is being taught in Ohio schools. Let us work together to demystify the ‘ins and outs’ of running for school board, and start down the road to relearn our responsibilities for sustaining a self-governing society.

Is this class a calling for you?   Is this your opportunity to Empower your local School Board.  Give a good listen at this class and make your decision.


Chris Hicks from Clermont County, and Brendan Shea, State School Board Member will discuss and go over with us his creative Contract With The District for School Board Members.   This is a document, introduced at the last State Board of Education meeting, created to help citizens hold their School Board’s Accountable–for everything.  This Contract can also be used as a tool for individuals running for School Board — like you!  Chris will be joining our session between 8:00-8:10.   Pictured below Chris Hicks (L), Brendan Shea (R).







Tom Hach

Speaker Bio:

Tom Hach is the Executive Director of Free Ohio Now, which is a state-wide liberty group Fighting the New Normal.   Free Ohio Now has brought Ohioans together throughout the state to push back against growing government and big business tyranny through peaceful protests, rallies and legislative action.   Prior to co-founding Free Ohio Now, Tom worked as an IT program manager for many years, and he is also retired from the Navy Reserve after a 21 year career, during which he served in Iraq from 2006 to 2007. 

In addition to several volunteer positions, Tom is in his third term as a member of the Board of Education for the Riverside Local School District in Lake County, Ohio.  He has a BS in Chemistry from Miami University, and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University.  He lives in the Cleveland-area, and enjoys a good cigar once or twice a week!

Chris Hicks
Chris Hicks is an outspoken government ethics and integrity activist in Clermont County.  Mr. Hicks is an independent business consultant who has worked companies such as Samsung, Dell,  IBM and SAP (Sybase) on sales and channel growth in over 50 countries.  He is a fervent MAGA supporter who is committed to “draining the SWAMP.”  Mr. Hicks worked with others to catalyze the “Contract with the District,” a tool to better understand local school board candidates’ positions on key issues facing school boards and to recruit better candidates for the 2021 election.  
He lives in Union Township, Clermont County with his wife of 30 years and son who will be a senior at Miami University.  Mr. Hicks is active in Clermont County politics: as the Chairman of the Union Township Republican Central Committee and as a member of the Clermont County Republican Executive Committee.  He has prevailed in legal cases involving protection of 1st Amendment rights and the Ohio Open Meetings Act.  He has been involved with convictions of several elected officials and the termination of several government employees for improper activities.  His focus on exposing corruption and unethical behavior has earned him four impeachment votes and one trial within the Republican Party.  His HicksWatchdog Facebook page is a well-known source of information on politics in Clermont County.
Brendan Shea
Brendan Shea was elected to the State Board of Education by the people of the 10th District in November 2020. The 10th District includes Adams, Brown, Clark, Clermont, Clinton, Fayette, Gallia, Greene, Highland, Jackson, Lawrence, Madison, Pike, Ross, Scioto and the western portions of Pickaway and Vinton counties. 
Hailing from a large family of educators, Brendan believes deeply in the life-changing power of education. He believes education should focus on the good, the true and the beautiful and that children must learn to think critically and develop wisdom and virtue, allowing them to achieve their God-given potential and to become engaged citizens and productive members of society. 
As the father of five young children, 
Brendan knows firsthand the unique challenges families face in raising and educating their children today. He believes parents are the first and primary educators of their children, and he will be a strong voice for both parents and children on the Board. 

Register Web Button 60percent

Meet Parents, Teachers and Educators Who Tell You the Facts

This is a Virtual Class Only

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Price Winners:  Michelle L, Constant Y, Rich F, Finn L … Congrats!

To Watch a Complete Recording of This Class — Click Here

To View Maureen Botos Slides RE:  Olentangy School District — Click Here

To View Kim G’s Content Regarding Private Schools and Critical Race Theory–Click Here

To Watch Mark Raczynski’s Slides RE: American Excellence and History Click Here

To View Kirsten Hill’s Slide Presentation Click Here

Contact:  Colleen Schitter:  CincySchitters@gmail.com 

Contact:  Karen Burton : KarenSueBurton@cinci.rr.com

“We are corrupting kids’ souls”  — Bob Frantz, The Authority 1420 AM

Critical Race Theory (CRT) holds that the law and legal institutions in the United States are inherently racist insofar as they function to create and maintain social, economic, and political inequalities between whites and nonwhites, especially African Americans. –Brittanica

Since the Ohio State School Board passed the Resolution to Condemn Racism and Advance Equity in July 2020 under the cover of Covid-19, Critical Race Theory has started to spring up in schools all around the State.   Tonight we will hear from Parents of Students that have seen CRT first hand and the wedge it creates by pitting students of different colors against each other.   You will hear from Kara Molfetta, a Lakota Parent and what she found out about the school’s lesson plan one day when her son came home from school.   You’ll learn about Dan’s lawsuit against the State Board of Education and what happened when the Board told Dan that he was not allowed to make any public comments about Race to the State of Ohio School Board.

Kara Molfetta

Federal Lawsuit Filed Against the State Board of Education

Meet Kirsten Hill, an elected member of the State Board of Education.   Kirsten will fill you in on the background of the School Board and how the decision made by the Board has allowed Critical Race Theory to become more prevalent.   Hear from researcher Tom Hagedorn who will take us through a short description of Marxism and the clear line between Marxism and Critical Race Theory.   It’s a definition you need to be clear on.   Meet Mark Raczynski an 8th grade American History teacher for the past 24 years on the importance of teaching History to our kids and his views on the Board of Education’s Resolution.

Kirsten Hill

Tom Hagedorn

Mark Raczynski

Learn about the large–6th largest in the State–Olentangy School District, with it’s 22,000 students and 4 Diversity Officers.  Maureen Botos will talk to you about the length the School District has gone to indoctrinate children and their teachers.   Including their choice of speakers hired by the district for “training”.

Maureen Botos

On this night we will also be joined by Karen Burton and Colleen Schitter who have lived in the King’s Local School District for 8 and 20 years.   They will talk to us about the kids required reading list (does the name Ibram X. Kendi sound familiar?)  and issues involved with concerns over curriculum.

Karen Burton and Colleen Schitter

More than anything tonight, EmpowerU wants to send you the clear message that Critical Race Theory is in Ohio now and you need to watch what is happening in your kids and grandkid’s schools.

Just added to the program, Kim Georgeton will discuss CRT and its evolution to Private Schools and the potential of this “Marxianity” moving into your churches.   Hey we want to make sure you understand D.E.I. if it comes up in your school.

Kim Georgeton

The Governor of Ohio, ultimately has the ability to stop the Marxist Class Warfare of Critical Race Theory. We have reached out to Governor Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Jon Husted and asked one of them to make a comment at tonight’s session.    To read the many, many resource articles on Critical Race Theory go to www.empoweruohio.org and choose the first tab at the top “Critical Race Theory” or click here.

Jack Windsor – is an Investigative Reporter for WMFD in Mansfield and the Managing Editor at The Ohio Star.    During the first several months of Covid-19 Jack was the reporter who consistently asked Governor DeWine difficult questions.   Jack joins EmpowerU from 7:05-7:15 PM to fill us in on his perspective of his work on Covid-19 and how he thinks Ohio has done with the pandemic.   He’ll also give us an update on projects that he is currently working on.

Speakers Bio

Kirsten Hill was elected to the State Board of Education in November 2018, representing District 2. Her term began in January 2019 and expires in December 2022. Kirsten and her husband, Andy, operated her family’s year-round farm market in Lorain County for 25 years. She also ran a seasonal farm-tour business, hosting families and preschool through elementary classes for many years.

Kara Molfetta, is a Lakota Parent.  Learn what she found out about her school’s lesson plan one day when her son came home from school. Kara has been instrumental in talking about CRT and sex education in schools and has helped mobilize people to help parents understand the real threat that is taking place.

Tom Hagedorn is a “professional student.” He loves reading, researching, and writing about many topics. In his college days, he co-published two papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. More recently, he published Founding Zealots: How Evangelicals Created America’s First Public Schools, 1783-1865.” He has taught classes at Xavier University and for the Osher Lifelong Living Institute (OLLI). He has enjoyed a career in financial services that spans five decades. He is married with two adult children and three grandchildren. 

Mark Raczynski has been an 8th grade American History teacher for the past 24 years.  He is also a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps where he served as a tow missile operator in Desert Shield/Storm.  He lives in rural Ashland County with his wife, Christi (also a teacher), and his three high school children, Joshua, Rebekah and Nathan.  He is currently a member of the VFW and Medina Bible Church both located in Medina, Ohio.

Colleen Schitter has lived in the Kings Local School District in Warren County, Ohio for 20 years. She and her husband raised two children who attended public school, vocational school and a home-schooling cooperative.  Colleen became a watch dog for the public schools when, while working on a bond issue, she discovered issues spanning campaign violations to concerns over curriculum. Her passion is  advocating for the students and the community to obtain and maintain excellency in Kings Local.

Maureen Botos is a native Ohioan that moved to the Olentangy district from Missouri in March 2020.  Her husband and three kids, 13, 11, and 6, moved to the district because they were told it was one of the best in the state near Columbus.  After being in the district for just a few months, Maureen, a stay at home mother, noticed that the district was promoting many controversial views. While working with many like minded parents to open the schools full-time this Fall, she was shocked at what was actually being taught in the classrooms already.  This prompted her, and many other parents to create a Facebook group to gather information, expose CRT to other parents, and organize a way to keep it out of the classroom.  From this group, they are starting a non-profit called Olentangy For Students.  This will allow the group to get messaging out to parents and also show parents how they can help to combat this racist ideology.

Karen Burton has lived in the Kings Local School District for 8 years. She raised two sons who are both husbands, fathers and productive members of society. One is an IT Manager at a Fortune 500 company, and the other is a research scientist at a National Laboratory. She recently became a voice for parents who are afraid to speak against Critical Race Theory when a friend shared her child’s struggle with a required reading assignment that vilified Christians, white people and the foundations of our country.

Kim Georgeton is a concerned parent of a ninth grade student at a local private Christian school in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been following the cultural and societal developments over the last several months and has grave concerns about the future education of our youth. She has noticed changes in the “worldview” being force-fed into our society by the mainstream media, through governmental education policies with our very own tax dollars and even through a shift in the church that seeks to manipulate the minds of our next generation. She was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, but has traveled the world.

Vivek Ramaswamy Joins EmpowerU to Discuss His book "Woke, Inc."

EmpowerU Zoom Class
Register to Attend Online
Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Note: This Class is a VIRTUAL Only Class

To Watch a Partial Recording of This Class Click Here

Required Reading:   GOP Sweeps in Texas Election as City Revolts Against Biden-Backed Critical Race Theory

The November 2020 Elections….The pieces are finally coming together, and they reveal a masterpiece of electoral larceny involving Big Tech oligarchs, activists, and government officials, who weakened ballot chain of custody and voter verification policies, and violated the constitutional authority of state legislatures.

Hear a front liner’s recounting of what actually transpired in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan, from Ken Blackwell, former Secretary of State of Ohio.  He worked with teams at these sites and examined the consequential irregularities, illegalities and unconstitutional actions that impacted vote counts.  Ken will share his observations and concerns.

Where do we go from here, and how can citizens become involved in bringing about the reforms at the state level?


Vivek Ramaswamy will join us from 7:05 – 7:30 PM.  Vivek is a traitor to his class. He’s founded multibillion-dollar enterprises, led a biotech company as CEO, he became a hedge fun partner in his 20’s, trained as a scientist at Harvard and a lawyer at Yale, and grew up the child of immigrants in the small town of Evendale, Ohio.   Now he takes you behind the scenes into corporate boardrooms and five-star conferences, into Ivy League classrooms and secret nonprofits, to reveal the defining scam of our century.   Vivek’s new book, Woke, Inc. begins as a critique of stakeholder capitalism and ends with an exploration of what it means to be an American in 2021.   A graduate of St. X High School, meet a local star that is turning heads on Tucker Carlson’s show and on the Opinion pages of the Wall St. Journal.

Vivek Ramaswamy

Speaker Bio

Ken Blackwell is the Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance at the Family Research Council.  He is a national bestselling author of three books: Rebuilding America: A Prescription For Creating Strong Families, Building The Wealth Of Working People, And Ending Welfare; The Blueprint: Obama’s Plan to Subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency; and Resurgent: How Constitutional Conservatism Can Save America.

He serves on the Board of Directors of various high-profile organizations including the Timothy Plan, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, the United States Air Force Academy Foundation, etc.  Mr. Blackwell has had a vast political career. He was Mayor of Cincinnati, Treasurer and Secretary of State for Ohio, Undersecretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission.

He has received many awards and honors for his work in the public sector. These accolades include the U.S. Department of State’s Superior Honor Award for his work in the field of human rights which he received from both the administrations of Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. In 2004, the American Conservative Union honored Mr. Blackwell with the John M. Ashbrook Award for his steadfast conservative leadership.  Ken’s commentaries have been published in major newspapers and websites.  In addition, he has been interviewed by many media outlets.

His continuing education has included executive programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard. Mr. Blackwell has also received honorary doctoral degrees from ten institutions of higher education. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees from Xavier University in Ohio, where he later served as a vice president and member of its faculty.  In 1992, he received Xavier’s Distinguished Alumnus Award and was inducted into Xavier’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 2015.


This Class is SOLD OUT!

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, April 29, 2021

This Class is Sold Out —  Sorry!

Doors to EmpowerU Studio Open at 6:30 PM

“Political correctness is the elevation of moral posturing about sensitivity over truth” –Jordan Peterson

Join EmpowerU at the movies as we watch the incredible documentary of “The Rise of Jordan Peterson.”   Had enough of the new PC culture and social justice that is dominating us?   This movie is for you as it presents a rare, intimate glimpse into the life and mind of Jordan Peterson, the academic and best-selling author who captured the world’s attention with his criticisms of political correctness and his life-changing philosophy on discovering personal meaning.

Christened as the most influential public intellectual in the western world, University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson skyrocketed to fame after he published a controversial viral video series entitled “Professor Against Political Correctness” in 2016.   Peterson had enough of what he saw as a campus culture where “social justice warrior, left-wing radical political activists” ran rampant.  He zeroed in on Canadian human rights legislation that prohibits discrimination based on gender identify or expression.   Peterson was especially frustrated with being asked to use alternative pronouns as requested by trans students or staff, like the singular “they” or “ze” and “zir” used by some as alternatives to “she” or “he”.   Peterson’s employer warned that he could run afoul of the Ontario Human Rights code and his faculty responsibilities should he refuse to use alternative pronouns when requested.

“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.”  –Jordan Peterson

Peterson’s main concern was that by outlawing the use of language and certain words that our liberties are being run over by Government.  Within 2 years, he had sold over 3 million copies of his self-help book “12 Rules for Life,” and became simultaneously branded by some as the academic rock star selling out theatres around the world, and by others as a dangerous threat to progressive society.

“The Rise of Jordan Peterson” intimately traces the transformative period of Peterson’s life while visiting rare moments with his family, friends and foes who share their own versions of the Jordan Peterson Story.

“The purpose of life is finding the largest burden that you can bear and bearing it.” –Jordan Peterson

Since this class is a movie presentation it will not be presented virtually–please join us.

This Class is Only an In-Person Class

Join Ray Hughes and Follow This Incredible Adventure

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, April 27, 2021

This Class is Sponsored by Bill Roll

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Doors to EmpowerU Studio Open at 6:30 PM

The Great Escape, as it came to be known, was a mass escape attempt from the prisoner of war camp Stalag Luft III located near the Polish town of Zagan.  The purpose-built camp was opened in April 1942, and the Germans considered it to be practically escape-proof.

The camp housed mainly British and American airmen whose planes had crashed on Axis territory. The Germans generally captured prisoners with the words ‘For you the war is over.’ However, it was the sworn duty of all captured military personnel to continue to fight the enemy by surviving, communicating information and escaping. The Germans believed that security at the new camp was so tight that it would be impossible for anyone to escape.

Picture from the Famous Movie

It was realized early on that for any escape attempt to succeed it had to be well planned and organized. The Prisoners at Sagan therefore established an escape committee.  The committee decided to build three tunnels and the plan was to effect the escape of at least 200 prisoners. The tunnels were given the code names ‘Tom’, ‘Dick’ and ‘Harry’.  Lots were drawn for 200 places, and on March 24, 1944, The Great Escape was attempted.   Of the 76 men who escaped, 3 made it home to the UK, 23 were recaptured and sent back to Sagan. Hitler personally ordered the execution of the other 50 men.

Although only 3 men managed to reach safety and 50 men were murdered, the escape caused havoc among the Germans.

Speaker Bio

Intelligence Operations Airman 2nd Class Raymond G. Hughes, Petersburg, KY, entered the Air Force in 1956, serving for four years in the USAF intelligence school Target Planning & Survival unit until 1960. Hughes served during the Cold War with the 8th Air Force 100 Bomb Wing Intelligence Division, primarily with Strategic Air Command. 

Airman Hughes continued to serve his community as an instructor at the Yudan School of Self Defense Karate and Judo, where he trained men, women, and children in the art of self-defense. He became a voice for veterans and one of the most respected members of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders, where he dedicated his time and energy in making life more comfortable for other members. 

Raymond serves as historian and even manager for the USS Hornet Breakfast Group conducts events for veterans at the Cincinnati Hamilton County Public Library, and interviews veterans of all wars in collaboration with the National Archives in Washington, D.C. where he has interviewed 75 veterans to date. Twice each month, he can be found transporting veterans from Twin Towers Retirement Center to shop for personal items. Raymond is involved in the Sons of the American Revolution and takes pride in helping others trace their ancestral lineage. 

How To Fight Back to Save Your Community!-- In Person and Zoom

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, April 22, 2021

Doors to EmpowerU Studio Open at 6:30 PM

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Required Reading– How Winston Churchill Lost the 1945 British Election

There is a determined force in the world dedicated to an agenda designed to “reorganize human society.” To achieve that agenda they are on a drive to change our American economic system, abolish private property, and change our system of representative government. Most importantly, they have focused on making those changes primarily through control of government on the local level. This presentation will reveal the players and their tactics, and how to fight back. You will learn how to take the offensive to restore your community as a Freedom Pod where free enterprise, private property and individual choice are protected.


Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, and American sovereignty and independence. Tom DeWeese was one of the first to voice concern over the radical agenda of the environmental movement and to question its motives.

Tom is a native of Ohio. He’s been a candidate for the Ohio Legislature, served as editor of two newspapers, and has owned several businesses. In 1989 Tom led the only privately-funded election-observation team to the Panamanian elections. In 2006 Tom was invited to Cambridge University to debate the issue of the United Nations before the Cambridge Union, a 200 year old debating society.

Today he serves as Founder and President of the American Policy Center and editor of The DeWeese Report and author of three books: “Now Tell Me I Was Wrong,” “ERASE,” a fictional political thriller, and his most recent policy book entitled “Sustainable, the War on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals.”


Rodney Musterspaw on What It's Really Like to be a Police Chief

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Doors to EmpowerU Studio Open at 6:30 PM.  In Person or Virtual Class.

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Required Reading:  Biden’s UN Ambassador Defends Repeating Anti-American, Chinese Propaganda

For 30 years, former Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw handled brutal crimes that invaded his hometown.  During his tenure, he saw the dark, ugly and cruel side of human nature.  One of his survival mechanisms was to journal the daily events.  It relieved his tension. It was therapy.  He wrote in notebooks, on his laptop and on his phone. One day, while unpacking boxes, he discovered his journal entries. As he sifted through them, he was overpowered by the myriad of emotions stemming from each memory.  “There were funny stories, notes of the day, things he had heard, his experiences, serious thoughts and observations that he had had.  Little did he know that a simple daily journaling habit would turn him into an author.

The ex-chief does not condone bad behavior by cops.  In his book he addresses the complex issues of racial profiling, evidence planting and untruthful statements.  While he sometimes paints a transparent, unflattering portrait of police officers, he also acknowledges that the opioid crisis, structural poverty, lack of education and racial profiling have contributed to more crimes than a single police department could handle.

Rodney will take you to the inside of a police officer’s life, the life you don’t see.  It will change the way you think about law enforcement.  He says “The truth is that you cannot be trained enough to do this job.”

The Blue View is a brand new release and is already a 5 star read on Amazon, and the audio book was just released in January.  Plus it has already been read in four other countries.  Autographed copies of The Blue View will be available for $15, cash only, immediately following Rodney’s presentation.


EmpowerU Board Member Barb Horwitz will be joining us from 7:05-7:25 tonight to talk to us about McCarthyism.  With cancel- culture at its height this discussion, which takes us back to the 1950’s may prove to be beneficial for many of us to learn about and reflect on.

Barb Horwitz

Speaker Bio

Rodney Muterspaw was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio.  He rose through the ranks of the police force, becoming Chief in 2015.  He won numerous rewards throughout his career before retiring in 2019.  Remains active in his community through his new career in real estate, community work, and speaking engagements.  Muterspaw still resides in Middletown, Ohio, is married with three children and two grandchildren.




Learn About One of the Most Important Political Decisions Ever Made

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Required Reading:  Charles Krauthammer Essay on Churchill

Charles Krauthammer called Winston Churchill “the most important person of the 20th Century”. Learn about his incredible life.

Churchill was a British statesman, army officer, and writer.   He was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940-1945 during the Second World War he formed the key triangle of Allied Leaders which included Franklin D. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Joseph Stalin.  Churchill again became Prime Minister from 1951 to 1955.   Aside from his two years between 1922 and 1924 Churchill served in Parliament from 1900-1964.   During this time he represented several different constituencies.   In the early years from 1904-1924 Churchill was a member of the Liberal Party and was  ideologically an economic liberal and imperialist for most of his career.   Later, he served as a member of the Conservative Party, where he was leader from 1940-1955.

Joseph Stalin, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill

Fearless on the battlefield, he hated war. He was a famous journalist and and the greatest orator of our time despite a lisp and chronic depression.  His speeches were inspirational.   His open-mindedness made him a trailblazer in social welfare, though he remained almost totally politically incorrect. Learn about the key decision Churchill made that may be the most important decision ever made by a political leader. EmpowerU Managing Board Member Dan Regenold helps us learn and focus on the accomplishments of Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

As Boris Johnson, current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom says, “Most of all, Churchill was proof that one person–intrepid, ingenious, determined–can make all the difference.”

Speaker Bio

Dan Regenold first became active in Government in 2003 when he became involved fighting Eminent Domain and helping stop it in Evendale and in Norwood, Ohio. In 2006, he was one of the founders of WeDemandAVote.com which successfully fought and stopped, by ballot initiative, a sales tax increase in Hamilton County, Ohio. Later WeDemand stopped Red Light Cameras in Hamilton County.   

Regenold spoke at the CPAC Convention in 2008 to discuss major Grassroots initiative actions across the United States.   In 2009, Dan was unsuccessful in his efforts to bring accountability to the Federal Government’s finances with a citizen lead initiative WeDemandABalancedBudget.com.  In 2010 Regenold was of three leaders of the initiative to End Ohio’s Estate Tax which happened in 2011. The Tax Foundation called the repeal of Ohio Estate Tax one of the most important Tax accomplishments of 2011. In 2011 Regenold founded EmpowerUOhio.org (now in its 21st semester), a Free University offered in the Greater Cincinnati area with the goal of “empowering” citizens. 

In 2014, Regenold was one of the leaders of the effort to separate Music Hall from a County Wide Sale Tax which helped the Museum Center renovation get passed by the voters of Hamilton County.   Dan is a lover of Liberty and enjoys speaking to EmpowerU classes about subjects he is passionate about.  Recently he has discussed:  Milton Friedman, Saul Alinsky, Net Neutrality, D-Day, The Deficit Mess and America at EmpowerU Classes.   Regenold is CEO of Frame USA, Inc. in Springdale.

Bob McEwen Returns to Speak At EmpowerU --as We Travel on The Road to 20th Century Theater

20th Century Theater
3021 Madison Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45209
Tuesday, April 13, 2021

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An economics major and six-term Member of the United States Congress, Bob explains the part that Liberty plays in understanding why some nations are rich and some nations are poor.  America has been a very successful nation. What has set America apart? What has allowed it to become the most prosperous in the world? Our economic system and trade policy have significant implications on both our freedom and prosperity.

Currently, America is at a crossroads and must make a choice about how it will chart its course over the next decade. It can either embrace what has allowed our country to become successful or it can adopt the ways of less prosperous and less free nations around the world.

Speaker Bio

Bob McEwen served six terms in the U.S. House of Representatives representing Ohio. During his congressional tenure, McEwen was selected by his colleagues to the senior position as one of four Republicans on the powerful House Committee Rules that manages floor time for members and has jurisdiction over all legislation. He was also a member of the House Select Committee on Intelligence and a U.S. delegate to the European Parliament for over a decade.  Prior to Congress, he served three terms in the Ohio House of Representatives.  In 2020, he was appointed by President Trump to the 1776 Commission to better enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the United States.  He is also the Executive Director of the Council for National Policy.



Nancy Brunemann, Accountant to Join Us for Last Minute Tax Tips!

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Doors to EmpowerU Studio Open at 6:30 PM

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Required Reading:   Ohio Court:  Mask Mandates Unconstitutional –1851 Center for Constitutional Law

Anyone who remembers hearing about the Ryan Widmer “bathtub drowning” case—and people who just wonder about what happens behind-the-scenes in any major court case—will find this talk fascinating!

Award-winning author Janice Hisle, who covered all three of Widmer’s trials for The Cincinnati Enquirer, will reveal unique insights about one of the region’s most-debated murder cases—and will discuss powerful lessons that can be learned from it.

Janice lives near the Warren County, Ohio, neighborhood where 24-year-old Sarah Widmer drowned in her own bathtub back in 2008; Sarah’s husband of four months, Ryan, then 27, was accused of murder. Even after Widmer was convicted in 2011, Janice couldn’t stop thinking about the case. So she combed through more than 10,000 pages of records…and found compelling new information that was never made public during any of Widmer’s trials. This information was released for the first time in Janice’s book, SUBMERGED: Ryan Widmer, his drowned bride and the justice system.

Amazon.com: Submerged: Ryan Widmer, His Drowned Bride and the Justice System (Audible Audio Edition): Janice Hisle, Janice Hisle, Mike Landis, Author's Republic: Audible Audiobooks

Some people believe that Widmer’s story “just didn’t add up,” and they think he is right where he belongs–behind bars, serving 15-to-life. But many other readers of SUBMERGED wonder whether Sarah Widmer’s death was really a murder at all.

She did suffer from strange bouts of sleepiness and other possible signs of medical disorders that have been linked to unexplained drownings—yet no tests were ever done to rule out those problems, not even during her autopsy. Since then, prosecutors have refused to release Sarah’s DNA for testing; a battle over the DNA and other issues has been pending for more than six years in federal court.

Janice will outline controversies and questions that continue to swirl around this baffling case now, more than a dozen years after a beautiful young woman’s relaxing bath turned tragic—either by murder or by medical misfortune.

Autographed copies of SUBMERGED will be available for $20, cash only, immediately following Janice’s presentation.

Nancy Brunemann, an accountant with Platinum Accounting Services will join us between 7:05-7:20 pm to discuss any last minute tax filing tips.   We hear that the Federal Government is going to require us to turn in our tax return for 2020 sometime…. Join Nancy for good and important information you can use.


Nancy Brunemann



Janice Hisle worked more than two decades as an award-winning journalist before becoming an acclaimed author and freelance writer.

In 2020, her debut book, SUBMERGED: Ryan Widmer, his drowned bride and the justice system, took top honors in the True Crime category of two national contests: the Indie Reader Discovery Awards and the National Indie Excellence Award. The book has earned more than 100 five-star ratings on Amazon.com, and, at times, has ranked among the top 30 in its category. Janice has done more than 50 public presentations about the book, sometimes speaking to standing-room-only crowds of people who, like her, continued to wonder about the 2008 drowning of 24-year-old Sarah Widmer and the prosecution of her husband of four months, Ryan.

SUBMERGED exposes hidden angles of a nationally publicized bathtub-drowning mystery, which Janice covered for The Cincinnati Enquirer through three spellbinding trials.

Janice recently completed her second book, a biography of a Cincinnati-area philanthropist; she will share information about it during her EmpowerU presentation.

A summa cum laude graduate of Kent State University, Janice worked 15 years for the Enquirer, and previously worked for newspapers in Dayton, Youngstown and Kent-Ravenna.

In recent years, she also has covered high-profile court cases for The Associated Press, including the 2019 trial of a Warren County teen who was acquitted of killing her newborn infant. But the teen, Brooke Skylar Richardson, was convicted of corpse abuse for burying the baby in her home’s back yard. Janice also covered the trials of Ray Tensing. He was the University of Cincinnati police officer who stood trial for murder twice in 2017-18, but both trials ended with deadlocked juries.

On the side, Janice teaches group fitness classes—so her feet stay as busy as her keyboard does.


Sin City’s Underworld and The Supper Club Inferno

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
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Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, April 6, 2021

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Required Reading:  The Equality Act is at War With Reality

The Beverly Hills Supper Club was Vegas before Vegas was cool. It was known as the “Showplace of the Nation” before it burned to the ground in 1977, killing at least 165 people—one of the worst fires in U.S. history. But few knew that the Beverly Hills had a violent past of deadly arson beginning in 1936, when it was taken over by the Cleveland mob that ran “Sin City” in Newport, Kentucky—an open city of prostitution, extortion, gambling and violence for decades, until new U.S. Attorney General Bobby Kennedy went to war on the mob in 1961. His first target was Newport.

This is the story of a crime empire on the banks of the Ohio River, in the backyard of Ivory clean Cincinnati, and the war to clean it up that led to the assassination of Bobby’s brother, President John F. Kennedy. It’s a story of mobsters, hookers, murder and dice; dirty cops, crooked politicians and the underworld bosses whose power reached into the FBI, Congress and the White House.

Given the context of history, what happened in 1977 and the cover-up that followed were no surprise. Survivors have spent four decades digging to unearth disturbing evidence that the fire was arson—just like the first fire in 1936.

Their case is presented here, with the aid of FBI files obtained through an FOIA request, first-hand witness accounts and extensive research that uncovers new evidence and tragic stories of the victims and survivors.  Autographed copies of FORBIDDEN FRUIT will be available for $20, cash only, immediately following Peter’s presentation.

Speaker Bio

Peter Bronson, author of Forbidden Fruit and several other books, was editorial page editor and columnist for The Cincinnati Enquirer for nearly 20 years.  Under his leadership the Enquirer was judged Best Editorial Page in Ohio four years in a row. 

Before coming to Cincinnati in 1992, he was editorial page editor and columnist at The Tucson Citizen in Tucson, Arizona.  He started his news career in Michigan after graduating from Michigan State University in his hometown of East Lansing, Michigan.  He has served on several non-profits, including Casa de los Niños home for abused children in Tucson; Northern Kentucky Children’s Home; Leadership Cincinnati; and Cincinnati Right to Life.  He was a regular panelist / producer on the Channel 9 WCPO TV show Hotseat, and also on the weekly Tucson news show Arizona Illustrated.

He’s been a contributing editor and columnist at Cincy Magazine, and now is owner and publisher of Chilidog Press LLC, which offers publishing, writing, edition and consulting.  His 2005 book, Behind the Lines: The Untold Stories of the Cincinnati Riots, was a regional best-seller.  He is co-author of Legacy of Courage: True Stories of Honor Flight Veterans, and Legacy of Courage IIChilidog Press has published dozens of books, including Judge A: Irretrievably Broken, Dance When You Can and the national award-winning Submerged.

He is active as a group leader at Horizon Community Church.  He enjoys working on old sports cars, playing golf and travel.  He is the father of two, and lives with his wife, Kathy, in Milford.

Jay Richards to Speak About Pandemic

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

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Required Reading:  “Smashing Whiteness” at the Ohio Department of Education:  https://www.city-journal.org/ohio-education-department-antiracist-training

The Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe!

What was the price of the Covid 19-Panic? For the first time in history, the world shut itself down—by choice—all for fear of a virus that was not well understood. The government, with the support of most Americans, ordered the closure of tens of thousands of small businesses—many never to return. Almost every school and college in the country sent its students home to finish the school year in front of a computer. Churches canceled worship services. “Social distancing” went from a non-word to a moral obligation overnight. Moral preening on social media achieved ever-new heights.

The world will reopen, and life will go on, but what kind of world will it be when it does? It cannot be what it was, because of what just happened.

Relentlessly focused on what we know and don’t know about the coronavirus, Professors Jay Richards, William Briggs, and Douglas Axe take a deep dive into the crucial questions on the minds of millions of Americans during one of the most jarring and unprecedented global events in a generation. They relentlessly focused on what they knew and didn’t know about the coronavirus demonstrating in this eye-opening study what real experts can contribute when a pandemic strikes. We need to know what and how it happened, to keep it from ever happening again.

Speaker Bios

Jay W. Richards, Ph.D., O.P. is a Research Assistant Professor in the Busch School of Business at The Catholic University of America, a Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, and the Executive Editor of The Stream.

Richards is author or editor of more than a dozen books including the New York Times bestsellers Infiltrated (2013) and Indivisible (2012), The Human Advantage, and Money, Greed, and God, winner of a 2010 Templeton Enterprise Award. His newest book is The Price of Panic: How the Tyranny of Expert Turned a Pandemic Into a Catastrophe.

He is also creator and executive producer of several documentaries, including three that have appeared widely on PBS.  Richards’ articles and essays have been published in The Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Washington Post, the New York Post, Newsweek, Forbes, Fox News, National Review Online, The Hill, Investor’s Business Daily, Washington Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Huffington Post, The Federalist, and many other publications. He has written and lectured on a wide range of topics, including culture, economics, public policy, natural science, technology, and the environment.

Sean Maloney Returns to Empower!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

To Contact Sean Maloney here is your contact information:  smaloneyesq@gmail.com  Phone:  513-463-0073 Office

We were not able to record the entirety of Sean Maloney’s class because of the frequency of gun laws changing and the possibility that we might provide inaccurate information.   You can view the first 15 minutes of the class by clicking here.

Required Reading:  What Happens if GPS Goes Down?

Required Reading:  Cincinnati Enquirer, Jack Greiner, Section 230 Protections are Alive

Required Reading:   Wall Street Journal, Tax Cut Ban and the Constitution

5 Universal Concepts Every Gun Owner MUST Understand

Do you know that just touching a gun might be considered lethal force … that “stand your ground” means something different in every state … that you may be judged by a “reasonable man” standard?

Do you know the only reason you can justifiably use lethal force? Are you prepared to prove the “3” elements that justify your use of lethal force? Attorney and gun law expert Sean Maloney from Second Call Defense will review the basic concepts of lethal force, how they are interpreted by the legal system, and what it all means for you as a gun owner.

Speaker Bio

Sean Maloney


Sean Maloney is a passionate defender of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.  He is a defense attorney and member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers who practices in all areas of firearm-related law, including 2nd Amendment rights, criminal defense, federal and state restoration of gun rights, and federal NICS appeals. He has appeared as an expert witness in a variety of civil lawsuits related to firearms.

As an attorney, Sean’s law practice focuses on defending the rights of law-abiding gun owners who are forced to use their firearms in self-defense through Second Call Defense, which he co-founded.




Call in With Your IT Questions!

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Thursday, March 18, 2021

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To Review Dave Hatter’s Powerpoint Presentation–Click Here

Required Reading:  Learn About Ohio Board of Education from Departing Member Lisa Woods


Anyone with an Internet connection can read the latest news, listen to their favorite music, chat with friends,  search for anything online, shop, pay bills, play games, and watch videos, all for “free”.  But it’s not really free.  If you’re not paying with money, you’re paying with data.  You’re not the customer, you’re the product.

Companies like Google and Facebook harvest every little bit of data that they can get their hands on, and monetize it in a variety of ways including selling it to other companies, who may or may not secure it correctly.  And the now with the nature of the Internet coupled with the ever increasing number of “smart” devices that we interact with are collecting volumes of very detailed information about how and where we live, work and play 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It’s relentless and pervasive and in many cases, not obvious.  Americans are sleepwalking into a future nearly as frightening as the one the Chinese are constructing”.

At this session, Dave Hatter will explore privacy and security for your devices.   He will also discuss the type of data that is being collected, how it’s being collected, how it’s being used, how it’s being misused, why you should care about improving your privacy, and tools and techniques to limit your digital footprint.    When Dave is done with his presentation we will allow you to call in live to ask Dave questions from your home zoom connection.   The number to call is:


Our new call-in technology puts Dave as close as you fingertips for you IT questions.


Speaker Bio

“Doomsday” Dave Hatter is a technology leader with nearly 30 years of software development, cybersecurity and project management experience.  He has earned numerous industry certifications and, holds a BS in Information Systems from NKU.  Dave is especially good at bridging the gap between business and technology and has delivered more than 200 successful software solutions earning nearly 60 testimonial letters from his clients. Additionally, he has written or contributed to 12 technology books, written more than 100 technology related articles for publications and, been quoted in many publications.

Libertas Technologies, the software development company Dave founded in 2001, was honored with many awards, but he is especially proud of winning the Cincinnati Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics in 2007.  Dave is now a Cyber Security Consultant at Intrust IT, where he works with clients to educate them about cyber security risks and to help them defend their assets.

Dave is a regular on-air contributor on WXIX (FOX19) and Local 12 (WKRC-TV) and he can be heard every Friday morning at 6:30 AM on 55KRC’s “Tech Friday” segment with host Brian Thomas.   He was elected Mayor of Fort Wright, Kentucky in 2014 after serving eight terms on the Fort Wright City Council. Dave currently serves as the VP of Training and Certification for the PMI Southwest Ohio Chapter, and has also served on numerous other boards.

Convention of the States Update to Be Discussed from 6:45-7:30 PM

EmpowerU Zoom Class
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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

To Join:   https://mewe.com/join/SocialMediaDiscussion

To View a Complete Recording of Tonight’s Class Click Here

Mike Mowry’s Powerpoint Presentation on Convention of States

Convention of States Wisconsin Sons of Liberty

Required Reading–We Can’t Let Free World 5G Infighting Give the Advantage to China–Steve Bucci

Read Convention of States Flyer–Click Here

With all the issues with censorship and personal data misuse by services providers and Big Tech, there has been interest in finding providers who respect personal data and refuse to censor content.   Specifically tonight, we will discuss MeWe and Telegraph.  Many have you have asked for a “deeper” dive on MeWe and this is your change.  Rich Inman will present a few solutions describing how to sign up, how to find friends, expand your network, how to share content, and why you would use each solution.

Just to give you an idea of how much Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook values your input?  Here is an package he refused from EmpowerU in December after our class on Social Media where you forwarded your messages to him.

Refused Package Sent by EmpowerU 
to Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg


At the first Pirate Radio Session on February 2, several people asked about the status of the Convention of State Project.    Mike Mowry is the volunteer leader and State Director for Convention of States in Ohio.   Mike will join us from 6:50-7:30 (note special time) to give us an update on the project.   In Mike’s words, “I became concerned that the normal electoral process will never address the problem of our Country’s ever-increasing national debt and prospects of passing that debt onto our children and grandchildren.   Join Mike Mowry at this session.   Convention of States is a controversial subject but offers Citizens one of the few ways that they might win…


Speaker Bios

Richard Inman’s career has focused on leveraging practical technology innovation for strategic advantage.  After attending Tri State University, he began his career focusing on Manufacturing Process Control and R&D.  He was an early pioneer in Computer Telephone Integration developing multivendor / multiplatform telephony solutions.  He also built and managed early Wireless last mile internet access solutions.  Rich has spent the last 15 years innovating with Kroger Technology.  He has worked with various non-profits to drive digital marketing and social media engagement.  He is a vocal privacy and security advocate.




Is Climate Change Real? Dr. Frank Returns to EmpowerU!

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

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Send a Birthday Card “#104” to Bob Doolan to:   Bob Doolan, Western Hills Retirement Center, 6210 Cleves Warsaw Pike, Cincinnati, OH  45233

Required Reading:  “Most American Schools are Damaging Your Child”, Dennis Prager

Is Climate Change Real? Of course! The climate always changes.

The questions that matter are: do we have much to do with it, and are there things we could possibly do that might actually make a difference.

Dr Frank will walk you through the actual data so that you can make up your own mind, and so you will be able to see through the propaganda from all sides. He’s been aggressively studying the subject, tracking the scientific literature, and Following the Data since the early 1980’s, when the threat of an impending ice age was all the rage.

Dr Frank has tens of thousands of followers on several social media sites (“Follow the Data with Dr Frank”), and his previous appearances and classes have been well received here at Empower U Ohio. You don’t want to miss Dr Frank’s educational, entertaining, and provocative presentation!

Speaker Bios

Douglas G. Frank, Ph.D., grew up on a small Black Angus Ranch in Northern California. His parents were successful entrepreneurs in the areas of insurance, investments, and real estate.

Dr Frank earned a B.A. in Chemistry from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California in 1983. He then attended graduate school at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he completed his doctoral requirements before transferring to the University of Cincinnati in 1986 as part of the Ohio Eminent Scholar program. In 1990 he completed a Ph.D. in Surface Analytical Chemistry.

During his graduate work, he discovered a new phenomenon which was featured in several science books and international journals, including cover articles in Science and Naturwissenschaften.

Dr Frank left academics in 1996. His scientific success as a graduate student and post-doctoral fellow gained him introductions to several U.S. companies, where he continues to apply his scientific, electronics, engineering, and computer expertise to real-life research and manufacturing challenges.

He specializes in the development of custom control and analytical solutions, and has invented several instruments for surface optical characterization, precision force application, and soil analysis by means of portable electron microscopy and spectroscopy. A common thread in his work is the combination of precision motion with delicate measurement and analysis of large amounts of data.

Dr Frank lives in Morrow, Ohio and is married to his high school sweetheart, Donna. He has three adult children: Dynnelle, Daniel, and Deryk. Dr Frank believes in giving back to the community. He is Past-President of the Blue Ash/Montgomery Rotary Club (2002). He is a popular speaker in the areas of Creativity & Innovation, Ethics & Character, Science & Religion, Rotary Polio Eradication, Climate Change, and now Covid-19.

He was honored by the Executive Board of the Presbyterian Association on Science, Technology and the Christian Faith as “one who exemplifies the practice of science as a Christian vocation.” Dr Frank is chair of the Math and Science department and Director of Music at The Schilling School for Gifted Children, a school he helped to establish in the mid 1990’s.

Recently, Dr Frank has gained notoriety for his modeling work on the Covid-19 pandemic. He has been making his work available to the public since January of 2020, and his Facebook page “Dr. Frank Models” (now “Follow the Data with Dr Frank”) has over 50,000 members and followers. Dr. Douglas G. Frank Doug@ToolsForAnalysis.com DrDouglasGFrank@Outlook.com

Steve Goodin, New City of Cincinnati Council-Member to Join EmpowerU

EmpowerU Zoom Class
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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

To View a Complete Recording of This Class — Click Here

To Review Leigh Ann’s Powerpoint Slides on Organic Gardening–Click Here

Required Reading:  Equity is a Mandate to Discriminate–The Wall St. Journal

If you’re interested in supplementing your table with fresh organic produce that you can grow with your own skill, try this class.  Talk about ‘farm to table’ you can’t get any fresher herbs and vegetables than from backyard to table.

Nothing tastes better than fresh tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and more! The flavor is better than in the grocery store! Try different types and varieties of herbs and spices for example; basil, drying hot peppers, marjoram, sage, lavender, fennel, dill. Watch them grow! There are many benefits to growing your own food. You can even grow in an apartment or patio. There are so many more varieties and colors out there than in the grocery store.

Cincinnati Lawyer Steve Goodin is one of the newest member’s of Cincinnati’s City Council replacing Council-Person Jeff Pastor.   Join Steve tonight from 7:05-7:25 PM to learn about his vision of Cincinnati and what he hopes to accomplish.


Steve Goodin

Steve Goodin was appointed Interim Council member to Cincinnati City Council on November 30, 2020.   Goodin is a proud product of public schools. He received his undergraduate degrees from Miami University and his juris doctorate from the University of Cincinnati College of Law. He also did coursework at the University of Virginia College of Law JAG school.

He was raised in a union household and understands the value of hard work. He is a partner at Graydon Law where he serves on the Executive Committee and has lived in three neighborhoods—Northside, Downtown and Clifton.  He is the father of three children.

His primary goal is to address systemic corruption at City Hall. He hopes to return council’s focus to creating jobs, providing safe neighborhoods and fostering a more just and inclusive city for all.

Public service has been a constant throughout Goodin’s life. He served in Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer and later as an officer in the U.S. Army Reserve. In 2007-08, he was mobilized as a Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG) prosecutor with the XVII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, N.C.


Speaker Bios

Karen Cartier:

Karen is an avid reader, writer, learner, wife, and mother of two.  She has worked in IT as a technical writer for over 30 years and is currently working full-time in IT.  Outside of her paying job, she serves as an officer in Toastmasters International as well as a volunteer Community Educator for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Leigh Ann Cartier:

Leigh Ann is a senior at Wilmington College majoring in Criminal Justice and Spanish. She has been successfully growing organic vegetables both in-ground and in containers as a hobby for some time. 


Thea Shoemake joins EmpowerU to update us on "Everything's Political"

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

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To Review Erica Birkley’s PowerPoint Presentation With Resources–Click Here

Required Reading:  America Needs History and Civics Education to Promote Unity


We have all encountered loss during the COVID-19 pandemic, loss of loved ones, loss of connections and loss of the freedoms we enjoyed before. As a result, many of us experience anger, frustration, and fear that at times can become overwhelming. Please join Erica Birkley in learning and practicing science-based strategies for effectively managing and regulating these emotions.


Thea Shoemake joins EmpowerU from 7:05-7:25 pm to update us on Education and her new Podcast called “Everything’s Political”.Twenty-five years ago, after answering his umpteenth question about sports by using a political analogy, my husband asked: “Is everything political to you?  “No,” I responded. “Everything’s political, period.   Meet Thea and access a new, resource for Ohio and more.

Everything’s Political Podcast–Produced by Joe Strecker

Speaker Bio

Dr. Erica Birkley is an Anderson Township resident, spouse, and mother to a 4-year old curious explorer. She is a psychologist and Assistant Professor within the UC College of Medicine. Dr. Birkley specializes in the treatment of stress, insomnia, anger, and depression among adults and couples. She loves bonfires with her neighbors, shopping Plants by Wolfangel, Zumba at the Mercy Anderson Healthplex, Beech Acres, A Fair of the Arts, Salem Garden’s burgers, and Coney Island’s tube slide.



George Brunemann To Join from 7:05-7:25 PM

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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

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To View George Brunemann’s Powerpoint Presentation Click Here

Required Reading:   “Green Eggs and Hamis Racist:  Woke Mob Comes After Dr. Seuss”

This class will examine the impact of Alexander Hamilton on the founding of the United States. Both Alexander Hamilton and George Washington were shaped by their experiences during the American Revolution. Serving at Washington’s side during that war, Hamilton was appalled by the inefficiency of the government under the Articles of Confederation and by the reluctance of the states to contribute to the war effort.  On September 11, 1789, the nomination of Alexander Hamilton as the nation’s first Treasury Secretary was submitted by President Washington.

Later that day, Hamilton became the first cabinet nominee confirmed by the United States Senate. President Washington and Secretary Hamilton were determined not only to strengthen the new American government but to create a sense of American identity. They were devoted to persuading their fellow citizens to think of themselves as Americans, not as Virginians or New Yorkers. It was truly remarkable that they succeeded in this endeavor, creating a Republic that has survived for over 230 years.


George Brunemann, is a local activist and will join us from 7:05-7:25 pm to talk about the next steps that Citizens need to take to preserve our Great Country.   George was the leader of one of the largest groups, The Southwest Ohio Tea Party, for several years in Hamilton County.

Speaker Bio

Stephen F. Knott is the Thomas & Mabel Guy Professor of American History and Government at Ashland University and Professor of National Security Affairs at the United States Naval War College.

He served as co-chair of the University of Virginia’s Presidential Oral History Program and directed the Ronald Reagan Oral History Project. He is the author of Alexander Hamilton and the Persistence of Myth; Secret and Sanctioned: Covert Operations and the American Presidency; The Reagan Years; At Reagan’s Side: Insiders’ Recollections from Sacramento to the White House, and Rush to Judgment: George W. Bush, the War on Terror, and His Critics. His most recent book, Washington and Hamilton: The Alliance that Forged America, was co-authored with Tony Williams, and was published in September, 2015.

Professor Knott received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Boston College, and has taught at the United States Air Force Academy and the University of Virginia.

Matt Wahlert and Jay Carson to Join Us from 7:05-7:30 PM

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Thursday, February 25, 2021

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“Voice of EmpowerU” Don Hurd
To Sing National Anthem on Opening Night!

Don Hurd

Ahoy, Matey!

If you missed the first installment of Talks held earlier this month, you missed a lot of fun.  “Talks” is a new series of

fered by the team at EmpowerU.  This is an opportunity for those who have attended EmpowerU classes to talk and listen to 

members of the community.  With so many things going on in the world right now it seems like the perfect time to hear what you have to say.   
Our new technology allows you to call in on the telephone while we are on a “Zoom”  call and discuss topics you find most important.  EmpowerU “Talks” is a sort of a “Pirate Radio” station in a time when Big Media is shutting down conservative free thought.  Shiver Me Timbers!
Join us for on Tuesday, February 25 for a second installment of this edgy new talk format designed to give us an uncensored forum.  
There are many things we can discuss:
  • The Great Rush Limbaugh–Tell us a Story that You Remember–Or Share something you learned!
  • Does Either Political Party Represent you?
  • Who should replace Rob Portman?
  • Big Tech Censorship
  • Education in Ohio
  • Biden and Trump
  • Covid 19 and Governor DeWine
  • Equity vs. Equality
If you have been talking about all these subjects…maybe to yourself…now if your time to sound-off!    When you sign on to Zoom if you want to talk you will be given a telephone number to dial into.


(Call in number if you want to talk)
EmpowerU wants to hear what you have to say…now!
Matt Wahlert is an Vice-President of the Colerain Township Government and will join us from 7:05-7:15 PM.  He is a PHD in Political Science.   Matt learned about the great fraud problem in the Ohio Government when he received a W2 from the Ohio Unemployment Commission for earnings that he never received that were fraudulently generated by hackers and thieves.   Learn about this massive fraud of your monies in the State of Ohio.   What do you do if this problem happens to you–it is happening to many, many people.   Matt will join us from 7:07-7:15 PM)

Attorney Jay Carson from Buckeye Institute also to Join Session… Jay Carson is a Senior Litigator for the Buckeye Institute. Find out about the important two lawsuits Buckeye has filed on behalf of two Ohioans-Eric Denison of Westerville and Josh Schaad of Blue Ash-which call for the courts to declare unconstitutional an Ohio law that allows the cities of Columbus and Cincinnati to tax the income of workers who do not live in, and have not been working within, the respective municipalities.  These lawsuits could have important implications for you if you work from home.  Jay will join us from 7:15-7:30 PM.

Jay Carson

Speaker Bio
Dan Regenold is the Managing Board Member of EmpowerU, which is about to begin it’s 21st semester offering FREE Classes in Ohio. In his ,free time Dan loves to dream about what is… and how GREAT things could be.  Join Dan on this maiden voyage of EmpowerU “Talks”.  See if he falls flat on his posterior!   Dan loves his work as CEO of Frame USA, Inc. a GREAT American Made Manufacturer of Picture frames located in Springdale, Ohio.   To find out more about Dan Click Here.