Escape from Dachau

A True Story of Survival, Courage, and a Daring Escape in the Face of Unthinkable Evil

EmpowerU Podcast
Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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Required Reading:  The Holocaust: An Unfinished History: Stone, Dan: 9780063349032: Books

Hear this Remarkable Story of a Holocaust Survivor

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Kathe Mueller Slonim was 11-years-old when her father Adolf was sent to the Dachau concentration camp.  When Adolf’s cousin, Max, learned of Adolf’s internment, he set out to rescue him.  A former German government official, Max’s risky plan was to use his expired Third Reich papers to get through checkpoints he encountered en route to Dachau. 

However, Max’s mission was doubly dangerous — he had previously changed his name and religion to hide his Jewish identity, and if this were discovered the consequences would be grave.  Later in life, Kathe recounted this remarkable story in her memoir, Escape from Dachau.  We’ll discuss Kathe’s memoir with her daughter, Susan Servais.

EmpowerU’s Podcast Host Michael Mercier will talk with Susan and guide us through this incredible story.

Speaker Bio:

In 2022, after the passing of her mom, Kathe Mueller Slonim, a Holocaust survivor, Susan Servais and her siblings decided to publish her mom’s memoir which was written by Kathe many years before. It was Kathe’s request that nothing be published until after her passing.  Susan continues to do interviews with media outlets, universities, and scholars, and has enjoyed a successful career in the healthcare sector.