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A Trillion Reasons to Attend!

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, November 14, 2019

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Four years ago EmpowerU discussed the finances of the U.S. Government and looked at the question—Is the U.S. the Next Greece?   Join Dan this semester as we take new look at what has happened to our Government spending since a Republican administration took over in the White House in 2016.

The Tea Party was started in 2009 with its stated goal of Fiscal Responsibility being one of its most important goals.   How did the Tea Party and its followers do?  We will take a look at the budget of the U.S. Government and make it simple for you to understand.  Where does the United States get its revenue?  What are it’s expenses?   What is the Debt?   What is our Deficit?   What happens if the Government takes on some of the wish lists that the Democratic Candidates are talking about:   The Green New Deal, Reparations, Forgiveness of Student Debt and Free Health Care?   What happens when interest rates start to rise like they must do at some point in time?  What other landmines are just around the corner?

Recently, several important Economists and President Trump have stated that deficits and debt do not matter and are not important.   Is this the truth?   Should we all just jump on board—maybe spend more.   Join Dan as he breaks down this subject in a way that you can understand it and maybe bring us back to the reality zone!  Are you ready to get engaged on this important topic?

7:05-7:20 PM –Jack Atherton, former anchor at FOX19 and WLWT, and friend of EmpowerU will join us.   Jack will fill us in on his latest projects which include a fiction book entitled Falling for Miami.    Jack has discussed the Media at EmpowerU sessions in the past.






Dan Regenold first became active in Government n 2003 when he became involved fighting Eminent Domain and helping stop it in Evendale and in Norwood, Ohio. In 2006, he was one of the founders of WeDemandAVote.com which successfully fought and stopped, by ballot initiative, a sales tax increase in Hamilton County, Ohio. Later WeDemand stopped Red Light Cameras in Hamilton County.   

Regenold spoke at the CPAC Convention in 2008 to discuss major Grassroots initiative actions across the United States.   In 2009, Dan was unsuccessful in his efforts to bring accountability to the Federal Government’s finances with a citizen lead initiative WeDemandABalancedBudget.com.  In 2010 Regenold was of three leaders of the initiative to End Ohio’s Estate Tax which happened in 2011. The Tax Foundation called the repeal of Ohio Estate Tax one of the most important Tax accomplishments of 2011. In 2011 Regenold founded EmpowerUOhio.org (now in its 18th semester), a Free University offered in the Greater Cincinnati area with the goal of “empowering” citizens. 

In 2014, Regenold was one of the leaders of the effort to separate Music Hall from a County Wide Sale Tax which helped the Museum Center renovation get passed by the voters of Hamilton County.   Dan enjoys speaking to EmpowerU classes about subjects he is passionate about.  Recently he has discussed:  Milton Friedman, Saul Alinsky, Net Neutrality and D-Day at EmpowerU Classes.   Regenold is CEO of Frame USA, Inc. in Springdale.

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