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  • There’s Just So Much Pork
    Some of the most ridiculous spending by our government as reported by Bill Hoffmann in Newsmax.  $6.9 million for smart toilets (cameras inside),  $478,188 to make transgender monkeys (your guess why), $465,339 study of gambling (really), $550,000 horror show using live cats (we funded … [Read more…]
  • Are You the Next “Militia Violent Extremist?”
    August 8, 2022   Dear Friend,  On Friday, in a leaked document provided by a whistleblower to Project Veritas, the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden Flag (Don’t Tread on Me”) and other common American symbols were portrayed as potentially used by alleged “extremists.” Some of … [Read more…]
  • Charles McMicken and the Redskins
    By: Tom Hagedorn The Communist Manifesto concludes with the following words: “Communists openly declare that their ends can be attained ONLY by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.” An important step in that process is to destroy the heroes that unify us. … [Read more…]
  • Kevin Aldridge is Not a Talented Writer
    Kevin Aldridge is not a talented writer
  • A Few Things I Learned During EmpowerU’s 23rd Semester
    So many things happened during our 23rd Semester it is not possible to chronicle them all. Here are a few things that really caught my attention from the semester:
  • Is Hamilton County, Ohio Becoming a Hostile Workplace?
    Is Hamilton County Ohio become a Hostile Place workplace.
  • CRT “Do-Gooders” at Turpin High School Just Can’t Help Themselves
    One exercise, entitled in the outline as “Step to the Line”, is actually a CRT exercise originally given the title “The Privilege Walk” April 1, 2022Greetings,Last summer, we rallied to help expose the indoctrination of our children into the divisive and racist concept known … [Read more…]
  • Get Started on the Gardening Season
    Who is ready to start gardening? I am so ready for spring. Now we can’t get our tomatoes and peppers out yet but there are some plants that can survive a light freeze that we can start planting. Now we still have frost risks … [Read more…]
  • Thoughts About EmpowerU’s Session on Childhood Trauma
    EmpowerU hosted a session on Childhood Trauma on March 17, 2021 at EmpowerU Studio.   We advertised that Childhood Trauma is a major, largely unaddressed issue in the State of Ohio and nationally, that one of every five children 3-17 years old experiences two or … [Read more…]