We need help and are looking for volunteers to make our sessions go great.   Consider helping in the following areas: 

1) We need Producers.   In 5 hours a week you can produce one session which really means to make it run great for the participants (fun too),

2) We are looking for volunteers to join our Programming Committee.   This is the committee that decides on which classes we will offer and any last minute additions we want to make to our schedule, and finally…

3) We are looking for friendly faces to greet people at events and help with attendance and registration.

The benefits of helping out are many and you will get a chance to meet some new people along the way and learn about a lot of new things.   Start with a fresh look for 2014 and volunteer for the EmpowerU team.   To volunteer just send us an email to info@empoweruohio.org and someone will call you.    See you at the sessions!

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