Tom Hagedorn

Board Member

Tom Hagedorn has been studying American history for over 30 years. Some of his study has focused on education. Eight years ago, he published “Founding Zealots: How Evangelicals Created America’s First Public Schools, 1783-1865.” It tells how those first schools came about and what they were like. But it also describes in detail how this story has been ignored and distorted by the progressive historians who have a very different vision for American schools, society and government than did our Founders. Since he published his book, he has been focusing on the increasing role of socialism and socialists in American institutions, what some have called “the long march” of western Marxism through our institutions.

Tom has been providing investment advice to individuals for four decades. When he was not researching and writing Founding Zealots and studying history, he was involved in various political, charitable, and community activities. He remains active in all those things and in the fight to return the schools to a traditional role in American society, in service to their parents and to their parents’ values.