Spring 2015 EmpowerU Class Listing

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2015 Spring Schedule

2_16 Civil War

Cincinnati During the Civil War

Reakirt Auditorium

Cincinnati Museum Center

1301 Western Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

Monday, February 16, 2015 Noon-1:00 PM

Enjoy a side of history with lunch at the Cincinnati Museum Center. This free docent led seminar will take you back to Civil War era. It is late 1862, and a Confederate Army is marching toward Cincinnati. The city is in a panic! Less than a year later, Cincinnati is threatened again – this time by the dashing General Morgan and his raiders. Find out how Cincinnati responded to these emergencies in this fascinating program. Bring your brown bag lunch or grab a bite in the rotunda and feed your brain a little local history.

EmpowerU is a co-promoter of this event,

but no reservations are required



Feb 24 Property Taxes

How to Reduce Your Property Taxes

Connections Christian Church

7421 East Galbraith Road

Madeira, Ohio, 45243

Tuesday, February 24, 2015 7:00 -8:30 p.m.

Attorney Chris Finney reprises a popular EmpowerU seminar on reducing your property taxes. This is like money in the bank! Property taxes finance our schools and fund numerous levies for public services and civic desires. As property owners, many people find taxes a significant burden on the family budget. Chris Finney will take you step-by-step through the process of determining how to pay the lowest possible tax on your home or business. His tips will be worth your effort to attend this great session.

Chris Finney is the owner of Finney Law Firm, LLC, where he concentrates on commercial transactional and litigation projects as well as complex real estate matters.

106Chris Finney


3_3 Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

Evendale Recreation Center

10500 Reading Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 6:30pm* – 7:30 pm

*Note the early start time for this class.

National Consumer Protection Week is March 1-7 and the Ohio Attorney General’s office is educating citizens about identity theft. Eastern Hills and Western Hills Community Action have joined forces with EmpowerU to host an expert from the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division who will lead this important session. Bring your college student and your senior parent to hear about the most prevalent scams spreading across Ohio and learn how to protect yourself and your family.

The presenter for this seminar is Lindsey Wilson with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, Consumer Protection Division.

Disclaimer: “This event is not sponsored by, nor affiliated with, the Ohio Attorney General’s office. The Ohio Attorney General’s office does not endorse or recommend EmpowerU Ohio or any products of services affiliated with EmpowerU Ohio.”



3_5_America's Chrisitian Heritage_Educate

America’s Christian Heritage-Class Cancelled

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

2718 Dixie Highway

Crestview Hills, Kentucky 41017

Class Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather!

Check Back for rescheduled classes

This lesson uses America’s founding documents, monuments and quotes from the Founding Father’s to prove that America did start as a Christian nation. In addition, it examines multiple examples of the Biblical basis of the Constitution.

Dr. Lee Watts is the founder of God and Country Ministry and currently serves as the Kentucky State Chaplain. Dr. Watts is an evangelist, author and hosts a weekly radio broadcast called “Take America Back.” He currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky where he teaches at Tabernacle Baptist Bible College.

Dr Lee Watts - pictureDr. Lee Watts

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Class Cancelled Due to Weather



3_12 Kasich's Budget

Kasich’s Budget: The Good, The Bad

and The Ugly

Sycamore Township Trustee Room

8540 Kenwood Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

Thursday, March 12, 2015 6:30* – 8:30 p.m.

*Please note the early start time for this class

Governor Kasich has proposed a budget for the next two years to fund the functions of Ohio’s government. This budget suggests some controversial changes in how the state raises revenue and alters the distribution formulas for Ohio’s schools. The first half of the evening will bring members of two area school boards to address the redistribution of funds to school districts. The second half addresses several tax and policy proposals by the Governor including a one-half percent increase in the state sales tax, new taxes on oil and gas extraction in Ohio and planning ahead for the long term financing of Ohio’s Medicaid expansion which has recently added 465,000 new adults to the roles.

Ohio State Legislators Lou Terhar, John Becker, Jonathan Dever and Princeton School Board member Steve Moore will offer wide ranging opinions on the budget as well as offering possible changes that would protect the taxpayers while still growing Ohio’s economy.

Composite Terhar Becker Moore Dever

Important Handouts From Ohio Budget Session (click on handout)

Steve Moore Handout| Lou Terhar Handout | Jon Dever Handout | List of Sales Tax Possible Increases

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April 22Seitz_Educate

You’re A Criminal and Don’t Know It

The Farm

239 Anderson Ferry Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45238

Monday, March 16, 2015 7:00-8:30 PM*

Doors Open at 6:00 p.m. for the Best Chicken Dinner in Town!

The Roman historian Tacitus observed, “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.” Yes, my fellow citizens, it seems that we are all criminals now.

In his lively manner, Senator Bill Seitz will discuss a pervasive problem and outline one of his latest successful endeavors. There have been many media reports of citizens being penalized with fines and in some cases incarcerated for behaviors that were seemingly harmless, but discovered they were breaking an obscure law that they had never heard of much less INTENTIONALLY intended to break. Despite their protest, many have had to pay fines and in some cases, go to jail.

This presentation is guaranteed to enlighten citizens struggling to comply with a burgeoning regulatory state. Senator Seitz will also give an overview of the steps he’s taken to remedy the situation and detail Ohio’s other legislative efforts to rein-in the maze of laws and regulations.

State Senator Bill Seitz is a lifelong resident of Western Hamilton County and an alumnus of University of Cincinnati, where he also earned his Juris Doctorate from the U.C. College of Law. His reform efforts have been acknowledged with an award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Institute for Legal Reform.

District 8 - Bill SeitzSenator Bill Seitz



Ohio Open Records & Open Meetings Act

Francis R. Healy Community Center

Chamberlin Park

7640 Plainfield Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45236

Thursday, March 19, 2015 7:00-8:30 PM

Attorney Curt Hartman teaches you how to get the information from governments you need. You must know this important Ohio law to let the sunshine in! If you need information from your Government(s), this class will tell you how to request the information, what information they are required to give you and when are they required to give you the information.

Find out why these two Ohio laws have been called “the Great Equalizer.” This is a foundational EmpowerU class–SIGN UP!

See Dan Discuss The Power of Sunshine–Click Here!

Tonight’s Powerpoint Presentation Click Here

Request Ohio Attorney General FREE Sunshine Laws Publication–Click Here!

Jay Janus Blog Post About Ohio Sunshine Book from Attorney General


Curt Hartman

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America's Queen

America’s Queen: A Queen City Native

Cincinnati Museum Center

Reakirt Auditorium

1301 Western Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 7:00 PM

The best known celebrities of this century might find it difficult to match the glamorous life and social standing of Kate Chase. This famous Cincinnati native, born in 1840, commanded the attention of Americans and captured the eyes of powerful men, both during and after the Civil War era. Kate Chase was the daughter of Supreme Court Chief Justice and President Lincoln’s Treasury Secretary Salmon P. Chase. Kate possessed beauty, charisma and political savvy that launched her ascent to the highest echelons of society. Her celebrity rivaled Mary Lincoln and her marriage to dashing young Rhode Island Governor and Textile magnate William Sprague made her the Belle of Washington during the Civil War. Kate enjoyed a life of virtual royalty until it all came crashing down after an economic depression, a scandalous affair with a powerful senator and a sensational divorce. She lived her final years in poverty in DC, but never lost her independent spirit. Today, Kate lays at rest near her father in Spring Grove Cemetery. He will elaborate on her turbulent life, with particular attention to her and her family’s many Cincinnati connections.

The lecture will be conducted by lawyer and author, John Oller. He’s a 1979 graduate of The Ohio State University and received his Juris Doctorate from Georgetown University in 1982.

Following the lecture, Mr. Oller will be signing copies of American Queen: The Rise and Fall of Kate Chase Sprague, Civil War “Belle of the North’”and Gilded Age Woman of Scandal.


john-ollerJohn Oller


March 26 Human Trafficking_Educate

Human Trafficking:

What Becomes of the Victims?

The Lakeview Room

Ronald Reagan Lodge

7850 VOA Park Drive

West Chester, Ohio 45069

Thursday, March 26, 2015 6:30*-8:00 p.m.

(*Note the early start time for this class)



Each year, throughout the United States, thousands of people become victims of human trafficking, abducted or coerced into activities that destroy their future. Victims may be forced into sex slavery, prostitution illegal drug sales or working as unpaid laborers. When offenses bring them into contact with the court system, society has an opportunity to help the victims escape a destructive life. Judge Paul Herbert, of the Columbus Municipal Court will explain how his program attempts to help these victims and provide the resources to change their circumstances and prospects for the future. Judge Herbert will also bring a former victim to present her compelling story, detail her struggles and ascent to a better life.

Speaker Bio

Judge Paul Herbert is a lifelong resident of Columbus, Ohio and has practiced law for the past 27 years. His CATCH (changing actions to change habits) program, started in 2009 is focused on Human Trafficking victims who have been charged with the misdemeanor offense of solicitation.

Judge Paul Herbert



Great Ideas for Your Spring Container Garden

Benken’s Florist

6000 Plainfield Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45213

Tuesday, March 31, 2015 7:00-8:00 p.m.

Spring is in the air and all our favorite early season plants are in bloom. Shake off the Winter blahs and prepare to be dazzled as Michael Benken presents some great tips and ideas for early Spring gardening with annuals and vegetables. The highlight of his presentation will be a variety of fun and cool container gardens. This session will remind you why we love the aroma of tulips, daffodils and many of the most beautiful Spring blooms. Nature will surround you and lovely container designs will start your creative juices flowing as you prepare to dig into the warm soil and plant your own bit of paradise.

Mike Benken, third generation owner of HJ Benken Florist is acknowledged as one of Ohio’s most successful growers. He takes great joy from helping others experience his love and success with greenhouse plants and gardening.

This is a FREE Class!



Mike Benken-1

Mike Benken



4_7 Shared Services_educate

A Fair and Balanced Look

at Shared Services

Price Hill Chili

4920 Glenway Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45238

Tuesday, April 7, 2015 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes and Greg Lawson with the Buckeye Institute square-off on shared services, a solution offered as a way to ease tight municipal budgets. The questions raised at this session demand frank discussion and evidence that communities will see savings without losing dependable services. Does every community need their own fire and police department? Can residents depend on a timely response in an emergency? Does sharing public services always save money for the taxpayer? These are important questions when your health or home are at risk!

Mr. Lawson and Auditor Rhodes offer opposing views on a number of possibilities for shared services, providing examples from communities where combining services offered more efficiency and quality service as well as those communities where the service or cost failed to deliver the promised savings and quality. This presentation will help citizens and elected officials make wise choices when combining services is suggested for their communities.

Dusty Rhodes has served as Hamilton County Auditor since 1990 and was reelected to a 7th term in November of 2014. Greg R. Lawson is the Statehouse Liaison and Policy Analyst at the Buckeye Institute.

Auditor Rhodes Handout On New Levies Due to Local Government Fund Reductions

Greg Lawson Handout #1 on Local Government | Greg Lawson Handout #2 on Local Government

Dusty Rhodes and Greg Lawson


Tax Day 2015

Cincinnati Tax Day Event

Sharonville Convention Center

11355 Chester Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 6:00-8:00 PM

Cincinnati area liberty groups annually host one of the region’s premier Tax Day events. Over a thousand citizens will descend on Sharonville Convention Center to hear inspired speakers discuss the ongoing battle for more accountable representative government. Matt Kibbe from FreedomWorks, Jenny Beth Martin from Tea Party Patriots, Ben Swann, Commissioner Chris Monzel and a number of elected officials and local grassroots leaders will sound the clarion call for fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets. So, send off that tax check then join your friends and neighbors as motivated Americans come together to create the change they wish to see.

Tax Day Image

EmpowerU is a sponsoring vendor for this event

Tickets may be purchased

at CincinnatiTeaParty.org or at the Door

EmpowerU is not accepting reservations

for this event



Baseball Revolution

Birth of The Professional Game

Reakirt Auditorium

Cincinnati Museum Center

1301 Western Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45203

Thursday, April 23, 2015 7:00 -8:30 PM

The evolution of baseball and all professional sports took a huge leap in Cincinnati in 1869 when the Cincinnati Base Ball Club decided to support a professional team, signing all players to contracts and guaranteeing them a salary. A change in the rules in 1869 permitted clubs to employ pro players for the first time, and the Cincinnati club was the only one in the country to take advantage of the opportunity. The Cincinnati team, the Red Stockings, played coast-to-coast (the first team to ever do so), defeated every opponent (57-0), broadened the popularity of the game and established the superiority of the professional system. The first pro league formed two years later and professional team sports have been a part of the American landscape since.




Greg Rhodes


4_28_Five Ways to Live_Educate

Five Ways to Live Longer

Blue Ash Branch Library

4911 Cooper Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Tuesday, April 28, 2015 7:00 – 8:30 PM

What is “real” and what is hype among the products, diets and exercise regimens that promise to keep us living longer. We will explore some of the science behind living longer and some of the misconceptions. And I promise that we’ll have some fun while we do it.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Jay Rissover is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and has practiced in Cincinnati since 1989. He is currently practicing at Blue Ash Internal Medicine, affiliated with TriHealth. Dr. Rissover is one of the few remaining Internists who still has hospital privileges and sees his own patients who are admitted to Bethesda North Hospital and the TriHealth Evendale Hospital.

Dr. Rissover has done numerous public speaking engagements, including co-hosting “Take Charge of Your Health” on 55KRC in 2013 and 2014 and has appeared frequently on WKRC, WGRR, WLW, WKRQ, and Channels 9, 12, 5 and 19.

Dr. Rissover Video StillClick Here To See Dr. Rissover’s Video About the Class



April 29 Police community relations

Police-Citizen Interaction

Midway Elementary School

3156 Glenmore Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 7:00 -8:30 PM

This interactive and informative class will be presented by Steve Adams, criminal lawyer, and Captain Russ Neville, Special Services Section of the Cincinnati Police Dept. This program is designed to give basic information about the appropriate behavior and response to a police encounter. Scenarios addressed will include:

Traffic Stop – When is a search of the vehicle warranted? Consequences of taking, or not taking a breathalyzer test? Additional responsibilities when a conceal/carry permit and weapon are involved?

Knock on the door – What are your responsibilities to be in compliance with the law before asking for a search warrant or invoke right to representation?

Encounter on the street – What information are the authorities obligated to divulge before asking for identification and what are the citizen’s responsibilities in response?

Russ Neville. The Neville family has had a long tradition of law enforcement so it was not surprising that Russ Neville would become a police recruit in 1987. He has worked undercover in narcotics, liquor violations and prostitution and also served on the “Ohio Organized Crime Investigation Commission.”

Steven R. Adams has been in the private practice of law since 2000. He is a member of the National College for DUI Defense, the Greater Cincinnati and National Associations of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the Ohio State Bar Association and the Hamilton County Bar Association.

Russ Neville and Steve Adams



Overtesting date

Are We Overtesting Our Students?

Frame USA, Inc

225 Northland Blvd.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 7:00 – 8:30 PM

The growth of standardized testing in our public schools should concern every parent, student, educator, business leader, and policy maker in our country. It’s mandated assessments on steroids as the number of tests by the Ohio Department of Education increased by two, three and four-fold in just one year!

Powerful testing companies seized the day and $380,000,000 from the federal government to develop standardized assessments for Common Core states. Virtually no vetting took place before contractors and their products were approved. Our students, teachers, and school districts are paying the price. Over-testing generates mountains of “data” used to label, judge and threaten, yet fails to provide 21st-century learning skills students need to attain.

This session will show why timely action and advocacy for taking back control of our curriculum and classroom is necessary for America’s future.
Jim O’Connor is the Chair of the Social Studies department at Princeton High School.

3o'connorJim O’Connor




House Intelligence Briefing, Grill-Out

and Empowered Citizen Awards

Glendale Lyceum

865 Congress Avenue

Glendale, Ohio 45246

Thursday, May 7, 2015 6:30 p.m. until dusk

EmpowerU celebrates the end of another successful semester by inviting all our friends and supporters to hear an important briefing from Congressman Brad Wenstrup as we grill-out and acknowledge all who attended 10 or more sessions during the Spring with an Empowered Citizen Award. This evening always brings a big crowd and most assuredly, several notable officials friends of EmpowerU to say a few words and greet engaged citizens from throughout the region.

Be sure to RSVP so we may plan plenty of grilled items for all our guests.

With the rise of ISIS and increased cyber-attacks, global stability and American security are important topics of conversation. How is America responding to this new century of threats? Congressman Brad Wenstrup, representing Ohio’s 2nd District, is an Iraq War Veteran and member of the House Intelligence and Armed Services Committees. He will speak about today’s evolving threats, the state of our military, and America’s capabilities in responding to current and future threats.

WenstrupCongressman Brad Wenstrup