FREE New 2014 Ohio Paperback Sunshine Laws Manual

Are you frustrated and tired of being denied access to various public governmental entity meetings in Ohio because of government ignorance, incompetence, and impedance?  Do THEY intimidate you as to what THEY think you should know about what THEY do with your money?

Do THEY allow you or obstruct your right of attendance?

Do THEY publish and post according to Ohio state law, in public places, timely advance notification of any public governmental entity meeting, including–date, time, location, and purpose?

How do THEY inform you of any public meeting–what format, how, with whom, when, where?

What actions may you legally do at any public meeting?

What about regular, special, emergency meetings?

What public records, are THEY required to provide to you PROMPTLY, be it for free or at cost?

How about Executive Sessions?

May you record any of these with audio, note taking, visual components/ devices?

Are THEY required to allow you to speak or ask questions at any of these meetings?

Well, boys and girls, your prayers have been answered.

Remember, this is your right–not a privilege!

For the last several years our tax dollars have been spent for annual publication of a paperback bound book/ manual entitled, “Ohio Sunshine Laws–An Open Government Resource Manual.”

Due to its yellow cover, it is frequently referred to as The Ohio Yellow Book or The Ohio Sunshine Laws Manual.

Wait for it–It is FREE!

This information is offered in other formats as well.

You do not have to be an appointed or elected governmental entity official to request it or receive it.

The latest, NEW, edition comes out early every Spring with the latest updates in Ohio state laws that have been passed, dealing with open records and meetings of Ohio governmental entities.

It also includes several citations of legal cases that have dealt with various actions of these laws.

It includes sections detailing remedies for when ANY citizen believes they have been denied of refused access to what is legally allowable by law for them to procure.

It details how citizenry may pursue legal action against the offending entity involved.

The Office of The State Attorney General as well as The State Auditor provide FREE state mandated certified training every year at various locations throughout Ohio for open meetings and records.

Appointed/ elected Ohio governmental entity representatives or their designate must attend once each term of their office.

This is open to all appointed/ elected Ohio governmental entity appointed/ elected officials, their designates, as well as any citizenry.

Upon sufficient advance enrollment procured confirmation, additional classes may be held at a date, time, and location outside of those scheduled by these offices by a requesting party.

Become a better citizen, be informed, and “empowered,” too!

Orders are now being accepted for The NEW 2014 Ohio Sunshine Laws–An Open Government Resource Manual–in paper book/ manual format–for FREE.

Contact  The Office of The Auditor of State, Open Government Unit:  Telephone–(800)-282-0370 (TOLL FREE); E-Mail:

Tell ’em “Jay” sent ‘ya!

J. Janus, Jr.
Citizen Advocate/ Community Activist/ Paralegal