The Man Who Saved Cincinnati

More history of Cincinnati revealed in Peter Bronson’s new book.

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, February 29, 2024

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Peter Bronson Has Published a New Book on Cincinnati History

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The author of regional bestsellers about organized crime in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati has published a new book:  The Man Who Saved Cincinnati, which includes:

  • The secret plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln in Cincinnati.
  • The Confederate attack to seize the city, loot and burn it or hold it for ransom.
  • The amazing youngest Union general who turned a defenseless, riot-torn city on the brink of surrender into a fortress in three days.
  • The first Black Brigade in the Union Army, formed in Cincinnati.
  • How the sixth largest city in the nation, the Queen City of the West, saved the Union.
  • Terror and panic from Morgan’s Raiders.
  • The wild Moon sisters, who smuggled morphine to the Confederates.
  • How the scapegoat of Shiloh became the “Savior of Cincinnati,” captured Billy the Kid, put down a bloody range war and wrote one of the greatest books in American literature, Ben-Hur.

Peter will be signing books before or after the event for $20.  Come and get the chance to meet one of the area’s great journalists and authors at EmpowerU.Books.


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Speaker Bios:

Peter Bronson, author of ‘Not In Our Town’, Forbidden Fruit, and several other books, was editorial page editor and columnist for The Cincinnati Enquirer for nearly 20 years.  Under his leadership the Enquirer was judged Best Editorial Page in Ohio four years in a row. 

Before coming to Cincinnati in 1992, he was editorial page editor and columnist at The Tucson Citizen in Tucson, Arizona.  He started his news career in Michigan after graduating from Michigan State University in his hometown of East Lansing, Michigan.  He has served on several non-profits, including Casa de los Niños home for abused children in Tucson; Northern Kentucky Children’s Home; Leadership Cincinnati; and Cincinnati Right to Life.  He was a regular panelist / producer on the Channel 9 WCPO TV show Hotseat, and also on the weekly Tucson news show Arizona Illustrated.

He’s been a contributing editor and columnist at Cincy Magazine, and now is owner and publisher of Chilidog Press LLC, which offers publishing, writing, edition, and consulting.  His 2005 book, Behind the Lines: The Untold Stories of the Cincinnati Riots, was a regional best-seller.  He is co-author of Legacy of Courage: True Stories of Honor Flight Veterans, and Legacy of Courage IIChilidog Press has published dozens of books, including Judge A: Irretrievably Broken, Dance When You Can and the national award-winning Submerged.

He is active as a group leader at Horizon Community Church.  He enjoys working on old sports cars, playing golf and travel.  He is the father of two, and lives with his wife, Kathy, in Milford.


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