Small Business is Big Business In Ohio

Small Business is Big Business In Ohio

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Monday, November 6, 2017

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Join Roger R. Geiger, Vice-President and Executive Director of Ohio National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). Roger will explain to us just how important Small Business is to the livelihood of Ohio (you’ll be surprised!). As the Director of Legislative Affairs in Columbus, Roger will also discuss the many issues that are currently impacting the State of Ohio and business in Ohio. With over 300,000 members across the United States, and 1,000 members just in Hamilton County the NFIB has been an incredibly strong force in representing businesses, their attitudes and beliefs.    Come and let Roger know your thoughts on many issues and how we are tackling them in the State of Ohio.   The Economy, Health Care, Taxes, the Governor’s Rae.  What does the political landscape look like with the Ohio Governor’s race.? We hope for a good showing of business owners to hear what is important to you and how we can make Ohio even stronger.

Roger Geiger

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