People Behind Washington’s Attack on Trenton

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Washington’s victory at Trenton was a relatively small battle lasting about 45 minutes.  This victory has been described as a miracle and the savior of the revolution. There were three distinct phases to this battle and each was deemed impossible however thanks to some truly remarkable people each was accomplished.  The crossing of the Delaware, the ten mile night march to Trenton in a sleet/snow storm and the actual battle were each accomplished against seemingly impossible odds.  Who were the remarkable men who completed this superhuman feat?  This presentation will discuss the remarkable demonstrations of leadership, courage, sacrifice and determination exhibited by the solders, mariners and leaders of this ragtag army that in the previous year had suffered nothing but defeat and retreat.

Bob Galbraith received BS and MS degrees in Geology from the University of Cincinnati in the 1960s. His carrier began with work in mineral exploration in Canada and most of the western United States, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Australia. Since 1982 he has been involved in hazardous waste cleanup projects from California to Massachusetts ranging in size from single underground tanks to the Nevada Test Site. After semi retiring he continued to do geologic consulting and kept busy selling real estate tending his bee hives, and gardening.  In December 2014 he retired and became a full time resident of The Villages, Florida where he is active in several clubs and plays water volleyball four or five times a week.  Bob Galbraith is a Professor Emeritus of EmpowerU and a former member of the EmpowerU Board.


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