Networking 101

Networking 101

Mount St. Joseph University, The Recital Hall (easy parking in the West Lot)
5701 Delhi Pike
Cincinnati, Ohio 45233
Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This class has been cancelled due to a problem with the Venue.   We hope to reschedule at another time.

Most think networking is the casual conversations we have at social or professional gatherings.  True networking is much more than this and crucial to building your career network and business.

Networking is working.  When you are networking your goals should include teaching people who you are, what you do and what kind of opportunities to send your way.  It is building relationships on the foundation of trust and involves give and take with others in your network.

In this class, we will discuss the need and planning that must be done to effectively network to achieve your goals and build your professional identity.  Strategies and tips for maximizing your networking time will be shared.

The class will include a panel conversation and sharing by those who know and use networking to accomplish their business goals.  The group will include a member of the MSJ Career Center, the Founder of H7, the fastest growing business networking group in the U.S. and Joe Saylor, an area insurance agency owner who has built his agency on the power of networking to locate quality clients. The time will also include question and answer time with the class attendees.

6:30 – 7:00    Social meet and networking opportunity.