Maurice Thompson VS. The State of Ohio Also: Greg Lawson

Virtual Class-- Also Greg Lawson to Discuss Impact of Covid-19 on Ohio

Also: Greg Lawson Joins EmpowerU at
7:05 PM To Discuss "Looming Title Wave"
Of Economic Consequences to Ohio from Covid-19,
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

To Watch A Complete Recording of This Class Click Here

(Due to a technical issue about 2-3 minutes of Maurice’s opening comments were not filmed)

1851 Center for Constitution Law is a non-profit, non-partisan law firm dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of Ohioans from government. The 1851 Center litigates constitutional issues related to property rights, taxpayer and entrepreneur rights, regulation, parental rights, and search and seizure.

Maurice Thompson runs the 1851 Center. During the pandemic Businesses found themselves closed and individuals around Ohio found their constitutional rights being violated by Governor Mike DeWine and the State of Ohio. In a series of court actions the 1851 Center sued Ohio to protect Ohio Daycare Owners and then sued Ohio to protect Ohio Diners, Court action was also taken against Ohio when Ohio refused to allow gyms to re-open, and 1851 also sued to protect Business Owners that were deemed “Non-Essential.”. The 1851 Center had great success in validating the Constitutional Rights of Ohioans during the Quarantine.
At a time when many of us felt our rights were secure we learned that many of our economic rights had been taken away from us. Tonight, Maurice Thompson will talk to us about what our rights are in the State of Ohio. He will talk to us about how to protect ourselves against further Ohio laws and sanctions should we be forced to close down again due to the pandemic. Maurice will talk to us about the important subject of life and liberty in the State of Ohio.

Greg Lawson will join EmpowerU from 7:05-7:30 PM to discuss the financial impact of the pandemic on the State of Ohio. Many people have discussed the “looming title wave” that is coming with the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. Greg will put Ohio’s financial situation into prospective and guide us through what we can expect. Higher taxes? Reduced services? Is the financial impact larger our state budget or our local city and county budgets. Join us for an overview of the financial condition of the State of Ohio.

Maurice ThompsonMaurice Thompson is a constitutional rights lawyer, author, commentator, speaker, and founder and director of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law. Maurice fights for liberty across Ohio in high-stakes constitutional rights cases and provides legal support for freedom-oriented ballot issues. He has defeated state and local governments and agencies to protect property rights, taxpayer rights, free speech, parental rights, entrepreneurs’ rights, privacy rights, freedom to contract, and healthcare freedom. Maurice specializes in the Ohio Constitution.

Maurice comes from a long line of Wood County, Ohio farmers. Since growing up in Northwest Ohio, he has lived in Oxford, Cleveland, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Columbus, running his own businesses and working in a diverse array of organizations including the National Taxpayers Union, the Sam Adams Foundation, and the Buckeye Institute. He moved back to Ohio to start the 1851 Center in 2008.


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