Life of a Civil War Soldier

Take 20: Ohio Election Integrity Network (OEIN)-Working to Ensure Free, Fair, Transparent and Honest Elections in Ohio.

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, November 9, 2023

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Civil War Soldier Brought to Life by Jeff McIntire

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Jeff McIntire will be portraying the 79th Ohio Volunteer Infantry which was raised in Warren, Clinton, Clemont, and Hamilton counties.  Focus will be on the Battle of Bentonville, the largest Civil War battle fought in North Carolina, March 19–21, 1865.

The Confederate defeat marked a serious weakening of one of its last surviving major armies but was a significant enough engagement that it convinced Union General Ulysses S. Grant to leave General William T. Sherman in North Carolina. Jeff will touch base on the rest of the war concentrating on the details of clothing, equipment, arms, and personal effects of the Ohio soldier in the American Civil War.

Jeff’s impersonations cover all sides of a controversy (white settlers vs. indigenous people, Union vs. Confederate soldiers), giving the common person’s perspective and way of life.  He incorporates either authentic or reproduced artifacts into his talks.  While giving an impersonation, he finds it best to speak from a third person viewpoint.  He finds that in this way, he can convey more information as he isn’t constrained as to what he can or can’t say and has found it makes for a better conversation.    Jeff’s presentation will take place from 7:30-8:30 PM.


Ohio Election Integrity Network “OEIN” is a collaborative team of Election Integrity “EI” groups and volunteers throughout the State of Ohio. The mission of “OEIN” is to establish a trusted statewide infrastructure, comprising of a network of Ohio “EI” groups and County “EI” task forces, to ensure secure and legitimate election processes.

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“OEIN” is currently working with over 30 Ohio counties, while constantly establishing new “EI” groups in counties throughout the state.  In building statewide working groups and task forces, their goal is to improve the election process in the following areas.

* Legislation – Working closely with Ohio Legislators on Election Bills such as, HB458 passed in December 2022, plus current proposed legislation SB51 and SB71.  “OEIN” is affiliated with the national Election Integrity Network “EIN’ which includes a 20 state coalition.  Partnering with “Virginia Institute” (, “The Heritage Foundation” (, “America First Legal”(, “Whos Counting” (, “EIN” has built an effective network covering all aspects of election matters.

“OEIN’ works closely with Ohio Freedom Action Network “OhioFAN” (, which has been instrumental in promoting “OEIN”.  Sandie Zimmerman and Eileen Watts will discuss the successful establishment of the Ohio Election Integrity Network and the progress that has been made building statewide working groups to make improvements to Ohio’s election integrity.   Our election integrity program will take place from 7:10-7:30 PM.

Speaker Bios:

Jeff McIntire has studied wilderness survival and early Ohio white and native historic impressions from the early days of this country through the Civil War.  He is a 1988 graduate of Clinton Massie High School and attended Mount Vernon Nazarene College.  He became hooked on history when his parents took him to see the outdoor drama of Tecumseh when he was five years old.  Throughout his life, he has studied wilderness survival and incorporates that knowledge into the early Ohio white and/or native historic impressions he presents at historic venues and in presentations to groups.

Jeff recently returned from a several days reenactment at Gettysburg and also recently participated as a Union soldier in the Sharon Woods military timeline event.



Eileen Watts of Delaware County Republicans Central Committee and Women’s Club past President, Founder of Ohio United 4 America, part of the original Ohio Women for Trump and Alternate Delegate for Trump 2020. I was in the Salon Industry 1978-2004  and from 2004 on have been passionately engaged in Ohio’s politics on a local, statewide and National Campaign level as well as on issues concerning Education, Healthcare, Elections & Freedom!.

Sandie Zimmerman “OEIN” cabinet member – Citizen Journalist for “The Ohio Roundtable” – “OhioFAN” SW Regional Coordinator –  “Westchester Tea Party” member – “John Birtch Society” member.Marketing degree & Artist in many mediums.  An official watcher of the “24-7” 9 live feed cameras for the Arizona 2020 election 4-month Forensic Audit. Been involved in “Election Integrity” early 2021.