History of Bells

The Verdin Company--Carillons, bells, and clocks, ring, ring, and tick tock! Beautiful sounds and time pieces.

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Thursday, April 11, 2024

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Come Learn the History of Beautiful Clocks and Bells!

Since 1842, The Verdin Company has been an innovator and leader in making the finest bells, clocks, and carillons in the world. Founded by two immigrant brothers from France, the company continues today under the ownership of the sixth generation of the Verdin family.

In a field that requires highly specialized skills, the family uses its knowledge and expertise to teach the craft of clocks and bells to its employees, thus creating the top craftsmen in the industry. The Verdin Company’s pledge to customers, friends and employees is to produce the finest bells and clocks that are seen, heard, and enjoyed throughout the world.

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Follow along as we take an in depth look at the history of the family as they traveled from France to the Cincinnati region and set down roots creating a small business that they never knew would grow to these proportions.

We will also look into the different products that are currently available (just what exactly is a carillon and how do you pronounce that word??), notable installations across the globe, and see inside the factory walls where all of our products are produced right here in Cincinnati.

Speaker Bio:

Erika Broenner is the Sales Administrative Assistant for The Verdin Company, as well as the Assistant to the CEO, Bob Verdin III. In addition, she is the resident historian on staff as she has the unique perspective of being married to a direct descendant of the original founder but not down the line that took over the business. Now in her second decade of working there, she enjoys new projects as they come along and learning not only about all of the ways things were done in the past but also how the business continues to grow into the future. An avid amateur genealogist and book lover, she enjoys local history tours, traveling and spending time with family as they cheer on their favorite local sports teams.