EmpowerU Visits the Southern Border

This Trip is Sponsored by Americans for Prosperity

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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

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The Border Mess-What You Need to Know…

EmpowerU will be joining Americans for Prosperity Ohio to visit the border town in McAllen, Texas (near Brownsville) and report back on the conditions that we find.  Every town in the United States is now a border town, and as we must accept the reality, for now, that many migrants will be coming to Ohio and staying in Ohio.  It is important that we look at the border problem and try to understand it. 

Tonight, in this live class, EmpowerU will report on the conditions that we have found at the Southern Border. We will explain our visit to the physical border, show you pictures and video we have taken, and introduce you to key leaders in the area. We will also discuss our visit with Catholic Charities we have met with to examine the humanitarian implications of not securing the border.   We hope to present an individual family that has recently come across the border and discuss their story with you. 

We will also be introducing you to other Ohioans that are on the trip and have them explain to you what they have seen, and their thoughts about the border situation. Our overriding mission with this trip is to make information more available to you to allow you to discuss the border with Ohio’s leaders, your family and friends.    

Join us as EmpowerU visits the Southern Border with our friends from Americans for Prosperity Ohio.