Active Killer with Bob Cutajar

What would you do if you were caught in an Active Shooter situation? This class will prepare you should it ever happen.

EmpowerU Studio at Frame USA
225 Northland Blvd
Cincinnati, Ohio 45246
Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Note:  We are  Sorry, but the Virtual Part of Tonight’s Class has been cancelled due to the complexity of the Powerpoint Presentation.   We do not believe the slide and video presentation would translate well to a virtual showing.   Please join us live for the class at EmpowerU Studio at 6:30 PM.

An intense 2 hour, awareness-level class will help you better understand: 

Lessons learned from current research on active shooter (killer) incidents and, how to prepare as an individual to avoid, deter or delay an active shooter (killer) incident.  If you and your family are caught in one of these incidents, what should you do?  Do you know why these incidents happen, or if there are any patterns to such crimes?   You’ll learn response considerations for the concealed carry individual, and what kind of training is available.  Should you consider always having some kind of equipment on you to minimize loss of life and maximize your chances for survival? 

Businesses will want to consider legal considerations of workplace violence (WPV) and active shooter (killer) incidents.   As an employer do you have a workable active shooter (killer) response plan?  “Hardening” your facilities, improving your procedures, & training your greatest assets: your co-workers and you!  Equipment considerations (safety, medical, etc.) to minimize loss of life and maximize your chances for survival.  Communication considerations, both internal and external, to include 9-1-1, your loved ones, and your employees.  


Speaker Bio:

COL Bob Cutajar, USA (ret.)  (coo – TIE – yer”)

Has managed the Center for Haz Mat, Rescue & Safety at Cincinnati State College’s Workforce Development Center for 6 years.  Retired after forty years in the Army as infantry officer; sniper instructor; warrant officer & helicopter pilot.   Combat service in: Grenada, Central America, Desert Storm, Balkans, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabian peninsula (wounded twice).  Retired from P&G after twenty-six years as CBD/PS.   Spent 10 years in Florida as Reserve Deputy Sheriff. Firearms Instructor (NRA / USCCA; OH and KY concealed carry licenses) Curriculum developer of both the “Active Killer Awareness & Safety” and “Basic Emergency Casualty Care” Workshops at Cincinnati State College.