About Our Live Events

About Our Live Events: It is our preference to make masks optional at our live events. However, Governor DeWine’s current law for the State of Ohio requires masks to be worn inside our building. We don’t agree with the Governor’s law but will abide by it. Masks must be worn for now at EmpowerU Live … [Read more…]

“Radical” Ohio Board of Education

Letter Sent to Governor Mike DeWine March 11, 2021   Governor Mike DeWine Governor’s OfficeRiffe Center, 30th Floor, 77 th South High StreetColumbus, OH  43215-6117  Dear Governor DeWine, You may remember me– I run EmpowerUOhio.org a FREE university in Cincinnati that you spoke to in June of 2017.  We are now in the middle of our 21st Semester of over 400 FREE … [Read more…]

Thinking Differently

January 11, 2021 Happy New Year to You, The events of the past week are some of the most concerning in my life.   What happened at the Capital Building was terrible.   Even more concerning to me is the erosion of our Free Speech Rights by Big Tech–and their clear sign of their monopolistic power.   Apple, … [Read more…]

New Social Media Accounts

EmpowerU new Social Media Accounts effective immediately 11-19-20. Please join us on these Social Media accounts if you can. The best way to keep track of our events is always to go to our website www.empoweruohio.org. We have recently changed these Social Media accounts due to #Censorship at Facebook and twitter. We encourage you to … [Read more…]

Two Things Got Away From Me This Semester…

Two things that got away from me this semester that I didn’t have a chance to talk to you about.  The First is Critical Race Theory and how it is starting in Hamilton County.   Read about Hamilton County’s new resolution that calls for Racism to Be a Public Health Care Crisis–click here to read the … [Read more…]

Ruth Hartman Essay Contest

Ruth Hartman was among the first women in the military, serving in the US Navy WAVES during World War ll. Stationed at the Norfolk Naval Air Station, she repaired planes damaged in combat. Born on Christmas Day, 1921, Ruth (nee Zimmer) was a lifelong resident of Reading, Ohio, and the embodiment of the Greatest Generation: … [Read more…]

Think and Grow Rich

Tim Burgess recently joined us for a class on Fear and how to take it and use it to you advantage. Tim has invited anyone who wants to learn more about Fear and get more information about the Think and Grow Rich Philosophy to join him on Thursday nights at 9:00 PM for a FREE … [Read more…]

Alicia Reece’s Bad “Basement Strategy”

By Dan Regenold, Managing Board Member EmpowerU, as in previous years, is sponsoring a debate for the candidates running for Hamilton County Commission on October 15, 2020.   Click Here to Register to Attend the debate.   Three of the five candidates running for Commissioner have accepted our invitation.  Those candidates participating in the debate will be … [Read more…]

Economy can’t take the Burden of Issue 7

By Joe Platt During this ‘virus’ economic downturn, Rep. Bill Seitz, Councilmember Jeff Pastor and Auditor Dusty Rhodes are still proponents of Issue 7, increasing the Hamilton County sales tax by nearly a full percentage point. Part of the pitch for Issue 7 is to provide money for road repair. That’s 25% true since only … [Read more…]


  Educate, Inform, Engage:    With Appreciation Seventeen semesters ago EmpowerUOhio.org held its first class.  EmpowerUOhio.org  owes its existence to the sacrifice and commitment of literally thousands of volunteers,  sponsors and individuals who have both presented and have attended classes.  By the effort of our supporters, hundreds of topics have received the attention they deserve. … [Read more…]

Opposing View of Convention of States

In my opinion and in the opinion of many others who are knowledgeable on this issue (the late Phyllis Schlafly especially fought against this) a COS puts our precious Constitution into the hands of unknown and UN-ELECTED delegates. The often made comments made by the COS organization is that the “states are in control.” If … [Read more…]